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Different Tactics

Post by losloris » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:52 pm

I DM 1st edition, tho am totally open to any good idea. Not sure about 5th edition stuff, but there is certainly a fair amount of 3.5 in our world.

That noted, the party is a druid, a magic user, a cleric, a ranger/druid (who has decided to really be a druid) and a ninja. We are creating the ninja as we go, based mostly on how I DMed the four ninja guys at the bottom of the Vault of the Dragon Kings.

We just had our first real full frontal assault and did not do so well. The players failed to realise that we do not have the same type of muscle we used to when there were more straight out fighting guys on hand.

Party levels are 6 - 9.

Out of curiosity, would there be any spells you would recommend to help balance an attack?
I am thinking a large scale battle is inevitable. Who does not salivate in remembering the dining hall of the hill giants (G1). Such an attack would waste us entirely now.

I am looking to have a sit down at the start of next session to point to things like the value of audible glammer, blink, mirror image and other such bits of magic that would help balance a strategic attack.

Any thots?


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Re: Different Tactics

Post by GnomeBoy » Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:56 am

My inclination as a GM in that situation would be to treat the party as if they are a level or so lower than they are...

I once ran a short campaign (about 5 months) with just two players, running a paladin and a wizard. I think they were around 7th level when we started up (after a period of player attrition) and I think I ran modules and designed stuff as if they were 4-5th level. With a little adjustment, it worked very well, and there wasn't any sense that they were personally falling short.

So maybe treat it as a party of levels 4-6, and see how that works...?

As for showing them the advantages of using spells subtly, I recommend using spells that way against them. Then when they ask, "how did that guy do that?" you can explain, if needs be.
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