Newbie Question - Character Stats?

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Newbie Question - Character Stats?

Post by bourj »

Hey folks,

Trying to get a DCC session started, but I'm new to the 0th level funnel (and DCC in general). While trying to roll up 0-level characters, I got confused by two different sets of stats on different character sheets.

Specifically, the Quickstart guide has character stats as Strength-Agility-Stamina-Personality-Intelligence-Luck.

However, the editable pdf that GG posted lists character stats as Stength-Dex-Con-Int-Wis-Charisma.

Is one of these sets an "older" conception? I've tried searching the forums, but I can't seem to find the right phrasing to avoid lots of false returns. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Newbie Question - Character Stats?

Post by finarvyn »

The editable PDF sounds like it comes from the d20 product line (D&D 3E) and not from DCC RPG. The stats given in the DCC quickstart are the correct DCC RPG stats.
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