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Elven archer

Post by Zorrah » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:28 pm

Honestly, I do believe that such a character concept would be very befitting of appendix N.

Limitations, their melee combat table would need to be worse than the current elf and they would lose their spellcasting abilities, but however, with a longbow in hand, things get really interesting.

When using a longbow, the elf archer would be able to a) use their normal action dice with a deed die, on a table similar to the warrior table, and b) Make a second free attack at a d14 with the long bow.

The elf archer would not be able to use mighty deeds with his deed die, but the extra damage and accuracy would represent the elf archer, the one that never misses it's mark.

Though, the d14 bonus attack itself wouldn't be able to crit, the d20 would have an increased crit range of 19-20 when using a longbow, and should the d20 crit and the d14 come up a natural 14 on the same target, then the natural 14 will still be considered a hit, and grant an addition 1d4 on the crit table (it would still be the rogue crit table and the elf would still have it's current crit die as noted on the elf table in the book).

When using a longbow, the elven archer still uses the d20 for initiative, the bow does not slow down the elf in the slightest, it is his weapon.

The core also doesn't give much love to the longbow or the elf archer and I think this concept makes up for both those.

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