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 Post subject: The Lucky Hobbit
PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:12 pm 
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Here's my tweaked version of the Halfling class. I'm not a fan of two weapon fighting, especially for gentle hobbits. So I've doubled down on their lucky-ness and swingy-ness. I gave them a Luck Die (stepped lower than the Thief), a better attack and Crit Die, but removed the double weapon thing for an "Advantage" attack with Hurled Missile Weapons. Also, awesome Saving Throws, static d20 with all Thieving skills. So they are basically super lucky amateur burglars.
Incidentally, this post was inspired by the Dwarf thread, where a DM mentioned that he's thinking of omitting elves, dwarfs, halflings to bypass the Tolkien flavor. This Hobbit class is going for all the Tolkien taste.

Hobbits double down on Luck. Their Luck rubs off on others so they get dragged into adventures. Hobbits are lazy and value comfort and cozy-ness, but they are greedy too. They do not wear shoes.
Hit Dice: 1d6
Level Attack Crits Action Dice Luck Dice
1. +1 1d10/III 1d20 1d2
2. +1 1d12/III 1d20 1d3
3. +2 1d14/III 1d20 1d4
4. +2 1d16/III 1d20 1d5
5. +3 1d20/III 1d20 1d6

Bullseye! Single Attack (d20) roll twice, best of, when hurling slings, darts and daggers.
Roll a d20 for all Thiefly skills (Stealth, Pickpockets, Con games, Strange Magicks, etc).
Luck is spent at 1pt/Luck Die. LUCK be used to assist allies’ rolls. Luck recovers at CL/day.
Roll d24 on all Saving Throws
As connoisseurs of fine wines and delicacies, Hobbits roll d24 in all such occasions.
Hobbits are little guys and cannot use weapons larger than d6.


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 Post subject: Re: The Lucky Hobbit
PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 6:45 pm 
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I like it!

A little side note: I've been running one DCC campaign for almost two years, and several other campaigns for a total of maybe six months. We've gone through maybe fifty characters. I've only had one halfling PC in all that time make it out of the funnels, and he died during his first session as a first level character.

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