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Re: Spell Formatting

Post by goodmangames »

That's part of the plan. When my kid is old enough to game I plan to publish DCC RPG Father-Son Edition. 64 pages and designed for ease of entry.

Well, maybe I'll publish it sooner than that...he's still at least 5 years away!
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Re: Spell Formatting

Post by shadewest »

goodmangames wrote: DCC RPG Father-Son Edition
Or Father-Daughter?
Or Husband-Wife?

Actually, my daughter has caught on just fine, by my wife still has reservations.
...unless the judge rules otherwise.

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Re: Spell Formatting

Post by roarmalf »

Woo-hoo my kid is about 5 years off too! I would buy the family edition without hesitation! I would even use it now with my friends that I'm trying to introduce to RP
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