Removing the Cleric

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Removing the Cleric

Post by PencilBoy99 »

Has anyone come up w/ a way without doing too much violence to the system to remove Clerics? For example, moving their spells to the Mage class or providing a second wind sort of thing.
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Re: Removing the Cleric

Post by beermotor »

My game world has no clerics. I love it.

Not sure what my players think so far but let's be honest... WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK ANYWAYS. :twisted:

I let them regen (d3*level)+/- Stamina bonus every 10 minutes of uninterrupted rest. I look at HPs as abstract "endurance"/exhaustion. At 0 HP, you start taking honest to God wounds, which may be fatal.

As far as clerical spells...

I'm making my players (there's only one right now) come up with custom spells anyway so I'm pretty much ignoring the RAW. Make magic rarer and more creative, personal, powerful, corrupting. Well, that's my goal anyway.
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Re: Removing the Cleric

Post by Jim Skach »

Like beermotor...although with some slight alterations - and I still allow Clerics! But it would work without them.

The idea is that HP are not a representation of physical damage at all (except for maybe minor nicks and bruises). However, when a character gets to 0, they start rolling on a table each time they get hit. That table has results ranging from Instant Death to an Adrenaline Surge (that restores "Hit" Points).

Outside of combat, characters get 1dX (X being the kind of die for the relevant class) per turn restored.

In combat, there are various ways to restore "Hit" points, including shots of whiskey as well as Clerical Spells (which you could eschew).

This was pulled from several sources all over the internet (this is the disclaimer that these ideas are not mine). There's a discussion about it on Google+ that includes the tables. If I were to eschew Clerics altogether, I'd find ways to allow HP to be restored in battle, at a much lower rate, of course, and requiring the use of the actions available and so forth.

Good Luck!
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Re: Removing the Cleric

Post by LordBaelish »

I think Crawl #1 had some good ideas on this. Worth a look.
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Re: Removing the Cleric

Post by finarvyn »

I agree that a campaign without a cleric class can be a lot of fun. It simply requires players to adjust their thinking somewhat.

Heck, I'm in a 5E game where no one happened to play a cleric so this isn't a DCC exclusive issue. We buy healing potions when we can and have to adjust our caution-o-meter when we play so that we don't put our characters in a spot we can't work our way out of. Plus, undead become a lot more scary. :lol:
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Re: Removing the Cleric

Post by smathis »

PencilBoy99 wrote:Has anyone come up w/ a way without doing too much violence to the system to remove Clerics? For example, moving their spells to the Mage class or providing a second wind sort of thing.
Transylvanian Adventures uses "Staminaburn" to restore lost hit points. It's Ruin mechanic also stands in as a way to keep characters alive with clerics.

There are no clerics in TA.

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Re: Removing the Cleric

Post by catseye yellow »

i used ruin in a regular dcc game and it is really good fit.

on topic, just off the cleric and introduce stamina burn and increase healing rate.
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