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Special Materials

Post by EyvindHaraldsen »

So, especially given that magical armor seems to be less of a thing in dcc, I was thinking I wanted to detail rules for special armor and weapon materials. At the very least, for elves sake I wanted to detail rules for mithril. Below is what I came up with, and I just thought I'd see what you all think.

Mithril: Only applicable to metal weapons and armor. Mithril armor increases it's AC bonus by d2 and reduces it's check penalty for skills and spells by d3 to a maximum of 0. Mithril weapons reduce the fumble die by one step on the dice chain, and get a +1 to hit, but reduce the str bonus to damage by 1 to a minimum of zero. Both have their weight reduced by 50%. Iron vulnerability on elves has been made significantly deadlier as well to counter balance this. shields may be made of mithril.

Adamantine: Adamantine increases the AC bonus of the armor by d3+2 and reduces the check penalty for spells by 1 to a maximum of zero, but incurs an additional -1 penalty on spell checks. Adamantine weapons deal +1 damage and increase the strength bonus to damage by 50%, rounded up. However, they also increase the fumble die by 1 step on the dice chain. Elves can use adamantine with out suffering detrimental effects, but most show a marked preference for mithril. Both have their weight increased by 25%. shields may be made of adamantine.

Dragonhide: Only applicable to leather, studded leather ,adn hide armor. Increased ac bonus by d4. Shields may not be made of dragonhide.

All three of these materials increase the cost of an item by 10,000 gold, if you are even able to find them, which is unlikely. If, however, you are able to gather the raw materials, a sufficiently skilled craftsman will often make them for far less cost ,thoug hstill more than the normal versions. this allows these materails to be the basis of adventure hooks.

So, what do you fellow dungeoneers think?
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Re: Special Materials

Post by beermotor »

Go the other direction, too. In my game, metal is scarce, so things like obsidian (-1 dice chain) and bone (-2 dice chain) are used. You can also do this for substandard metals, like copper (-2), bronze (-1), etc.
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Re: Special Materials

Post by mythfish »

My rules for mithril are as follows:

It costs so much you probably can't just buy it, even if you're an elf. It's a questing thing.
Elves can use it safely.

In all other practical respects it's just like steel.
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