Death Slaves of Eternity available in print!

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Death Slaves of Eternity available in print!

Post by Marzio Muscedere » Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:36 pm

I am happy to announce the 0-level adventure funnel, Death Slaves of Eternity, is now available in print! ... ernity-DCC

• 37 new occupations
• Random treasure table (100 items)
• New creatures, curses and diseases
• 17 new wondrous items
• Complete patron write-up including spells
• Cleric class with a new deity specific disapproval table
• Appendix of optional rules for re-skinning DCC races for Sword & Sorcery play
• Over 40,000 words and 80 pages long, filled with original art throughout

Don't forget kids, the incredible Purple Sorcerer's 0-Level Party generator has Death Slaves of Eternity in the Occupation Source list!

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