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Prayers of the Forgotten - Stormlord Publishing

Post by Eric H » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:47 am

“There is no such thing as a dead god. Only dead followers.”
– Sir Baylin the Last

Product Description

Prayers of the Forgotten contains supplemental rules, encounters, maps and adventure hooks for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game. It can be enjoyed by Judges and players alike.

This 24 page book contains:
  • Rules for introducing, using and creating boons, which are minor favors granted by long-forgotten deities. Any class may learn to request and benefit from boons.
    A Castigation Table for those failed attempts at requesting a boon.
    A brief history of Saint Osthenes the Pure, The 7-Forked Path, and The Stormlord.
    Adventure hooks for reviving these extinct religions.
    Boons for each religion, plus tips on creating your own boons.
    Relics for each religions, and suggestions for creating your own unique relics.
Three encounters to introduce players to these rules and items; The Hidden Shrine of Saint Osthenes, The Wreck of the Dimensional Skiff, The Circle of Fury.

Like our first release, The Well of Souls, this book will be printed on premium parchment paper and brown kraft cover stock.

Purchase the PDF, Print or both at

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