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Author:  Raven_Crowking [ Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  The CE Series

I received a PM asking about the CE Series (written by myself and published by Purple Duck Games), so I thought I would take a minute and explain them here in case there is anyone else wondering.

"CE" stands for "Campaign Element". The CE Series is intended to consist of modular items which can be played as adventures, but which are intended to add to the judge's campaign world in various ways, so that the material therein gets maximum re-use. They are also specifically intended to allow the judge to have materials on hand to answer "Quest For It" requests by the players. Thus, they contain elements including (so far) a new patron, a way to remove corruption, places where spell information may be found, a place where warriors may learn new skills, oracles, buried treasures, difficult challenges, new monsters, and a location where a daring thief might make a name for herself.

As the blurb says:

The Campaign Elements series is designed to help judges create persistent campaign worlds, as well as deal with patron quests, divine requests, and the sudden need to “Quest For It”. Whether it is because you are short on players one evening, or the wizard needs to locate a new spell, the Campaign Elements series has you covered.

Each of these areas is short enough to be played through by most groups in only a single session. That doesn't mean that the value of the area is limited to a single session – each adventure includes notes on “squeezing it dry”…effectively getting the maximum re-use from your investment.

The maps commissioned for the CE series (by Dragonsfoot's Turgenev, whose work you can check out here) contain no more than 10 described areas, which means that you can run it in a single evening if you wish. But an effort is made to include in those areas, and in the main area described, enough material that you can easily find yourself returning to it again and again.

I am told that gives the best return for the publishers, so I encourage you to shop for these items there. The can be found at:

CE1: The Falcate Idol
CE2: The Black Goat
CE3: The Folk of Osmon
CE4: The Seven Deadly Skills of Sir Amoral the Misbegotten

They are also available at RPG Now, and probably elsewhere as well. Purple Duck Games are the same fine folks who brought you the AL Series, including (to date) Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror, Sepulcher of the Mountain God, Through the Cotillion of Hours, The Waystation, and Stars in the Darkness. There are more AL modules coming as well.

I am currently working on a few items for Purple Duck, including CE5: Silent Nightfall, another AL, and the FT series (the first taste of which will be free thanks to the aid of folks in spreading the word about a friend's kickstarter project, which can be found here).

More detailed information:

CE1: The Falcate Idol

The Cult of the Harrower is ancient, and each of the eight eyes of its spider-idol is rumored to be a moonstone gem the size of a pigeon's egg. Moreover, somewhere within the cult's sanctuary, a pool flows from the Egg of Creation. Will your Thief seek to make a legendary score? Will your Wizard pursue the shards of the Egg? Will your Cleric join the cult? Or will your Warrior fight his way through the web-covered passages to rescue them if they fail? Any or all of these scenarios are possible! An adventure for 2-8 level 2 Dungeon Crawl Classics characters. This adventure is also suitable for 1-2 level 3 characters, or a solo level 4 thief who relies primarily upon stealth and caution.

CE2: The Black Goat

Not all mountain passes are lonely. Come meet the Mahmat Troth and the One they adore. Only in the high pass will you discover what the Black Goat truly is. A Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign element for use with characters of all levels.

CE3: The Folk of Osmon

A mighty civilization once thrived where now only lonely Osmon Mire stretches across the land. The crumbled and vine-laden ruins of ages-old buildings arise here and there from the reedy mud and water. The remains of statues and derelict temples adorn low hills rising from the muck. Fell beasts roam the mire at night and man-like shapes haunt the swamp. After dark none willingly passes the low hill, with its blood-encrusted altar stone, where the Folk of Osmon are said to sacrifice their victims. An adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics characters across multiple levels. This Campaign Element is perfectly suitable to drop into Perils of the Sunken City by Purple Sorcerer Games as a side trek or adventure seed.

CE4: The Seven Deadly Skills of Sir Amoral the Misbegotten

In years long past, Gryffon Keep was a border fortification guarding a somewhat well-used roadway. In that day, the keep was placed in the trust of Sir Harold Amoral, one of the greatest warriors available to the then Lord Duke. Time has changed the land, and brought the keep low, and Sir Amoral has become little more than a figure of fable and children’s story. That the ruins in the forest were those of fabled Gryffon Keep have been forgotten by most, and the area is now known to locals as the Forest Ruin.

Although history has faded to legend, the ghost of Sir Amoral still haunts the ruined keep. During his lifetime, he sought to hoard his martial knowledge so that it might never be used against him by a mortal foe. Now, after death, he regrets this parsimony, and seeks above all to pass on his skills to those who are worthy.

The catch, of course, is that the ghost believes that only he can determine who is (or is not) worthy – and, of course, his methods for doing this are deadly. An adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics characters across multiple levels.

Are you a writer?

Take a close look at the Open Gaming Content statement on the CE and AL series modules. Then create and publish your own module where the ruins of the Folk of Osmon are explored. Introduce a character with the Black Goat as a patron. Use some of the monsters summoned by Sir Amoral....or explore what might be down a certain well. Then let us know what you've done and how it connects. You know how the Cthulhu Mythos became cooler because H.P. Lovecraft encouraged others (among them Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith) to riff off of his material? Purple Duck encourages you to riff. Help make this stuff cooler than it is by putting your own spin on it.

(For that matter, and with another publisher, examine the terms of use in Angels, Daemons, & Beings Between by Dragon's Hoard Publishing. Do the same for The Revelation of Mulmo. Then riff. Please.)

Author:  Skars [ Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The CE Series

Awesome, thanks for the call out for riffs. I will try to put a bit of work into cleaning up, "The Folk of Osmon and Amoeboid Dreams" that I ran a couple weeks back at Pacificon and send it your way for review. It includes a cameo by Lavarial, even... :P

Note to others: My brief comment above is just a fraction of the plot seeds and game ideas implemented in my own campaigns/one shots due to inspiration from the AL and CE series of products amongst others from Daniel. If you haven't already been consuming everything he cranks out (which is awesome in its own right) - get with the program! :P

Author:  Raven_Crowking [ Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The CE Series

Skars wrote:
Awesome, thanks for the call out for riffs.

You are very welcome, even if the call out is somewhat self-serving. :wink:

I am definitely of the opinion that moments of cross-referencing and the sudden realization that A links to B increase the depth of adventures, so long as they are done in a meaningful way.

I will try to put a bit of work into cleaning up, "The Folk of Osmon and Amoeboid Dreams" that I ran a couple weeks back at Pacificon and send it your way for review. It includes a cameo by Lavarial, even... :P

That sounds cool. I look forward to it.

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