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Post by Zariel » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:14 pm

The Kickstarter has funded!

Please pick a 1-60 twice on the first table and 1-30 twice on the second. Choose two or three words to make a beast to put in the comments. I Will stat up and draw some (these tables are a work in progress).

I rolled:
Vile Demon Men - Red demon men with 0-level human stats, paralyzing claws and a stench beyond reason.

Beast Power

1. Acid Damaging this creature sprays 1d4 damage for 1d3 rounds unless washed off, plate armor may protect against this damage while non-metal armors may be damaged

2. Ambush Surprise round

3. Beast +1 HD, +1 DMG, +1 INIT. Muscular and hairy or deformed, such as faces on torso and no head

4. Blinding Spit or glowing eyes attack can cause temporary blindness, +2 ranged, 1d3 rounds of blindness, extra 1d16 ACT for blinding attack, blinding attack ignores armor

5. Blood If an attack causes damages all beasts target wounded character

6. Brain Intelligent, possibly psionic. + 3 INIT

7. Burrowing Can come up anywhere with surprise, +1 INIT

8. Claw Giant claws. +2 DMG or +d16 Act claw attack, grapple on hit

9. Crusher Massive mandibles. Grapple causes 1d6 DMG next turn, +1 Grapple

10. Jumping Jump 40'

11. Death Only one assailant but death attack causes 2d6+Stamina days until death. Creature fades away after a succesful attack

12. Demon Red with full black eyes. Attack causes fort save or paralysis. No action and AC -4

13. Doom Black spikes or flails +1 Damage

14. Dream Will save or lose a turn, every turn

15. Electro Attacks cause additional 1d3 electrical damage to target and all within 5' of anyone who receives electrical damage or all in water

16. Euphoria Anything that feels this good cannot be bad.+4 AC, DC 10 WILL save or nod out

17. Evil Fights to death, +2 INIT

18. Fade Fade to invisible; Melee to-hit +2, DC 10 INT check to be able to attack it at -d1

19. Fire Napalm spray. +3 ranged, 20’, catch fire

20. Fear Morale check for hirelings and 0-levels. Deed die -d1, spellcheck -d1, WILL save or move away for 1 round

21. Fog A shroud of fog precedes and surrounds them but does not affect them. Melee attackes at -1d, ranged -3d

22. Freeze Breath weapon, Ref save, lose 10’ speed, -2 to attack, 1d3 cold damage

23. Gas Poison cloud. 30’ area, 1. Poison 1d3/turn 2. Sleep (DC 10 WILL save) 3. Dizzy -d1 actions

24. Gas Giant, floating gas bag creature

25. Giant +2 HD, +2 AC, +2 DMG, Crit on 19-20

26. Glam DC 10 WILL save or melee attack your friend, DC 15 to resist each turn thereafter

27. Flying Fly 20'

28. Glow Enveloped in green fire. Infravision is blinded in darkness, -1 Stamina per round to all within melee range. Losing 3 points causes vomiting

29. Slime Melee weapons stick, Strength check to remove

30. Gore Additional ACT 1d20, Piercing tentacles, 1d4 DAM + grapple & 1d6 DAM/turn until DC 15 STR or tentacles are cut

31. Horror +2 AC, +3 INIT, Surprise and disappear in darkness

32. King +1 AC, +1 HD, +2 INIT, Must have helpers which receive +1 ATT and pass morale checks while present

33. Lascivious DC 10 WILL or opponents within melee range attempt to give it a hug

34. Laser Burning rays. Ranged attack does 1d4 damage 100' range

35. Mad -1 AC, -1 INIT, If a melee attack hits it attacks another target in melee range. Continues until miss

36. Mind Voices in your head, WILL save or attack a friend at -2 melee

37. Mutated Successful attack causes a mutation in 2d4+Stamina days

38. Pain -1d ACT for 1d4 rounds

39. Phase Phases in and out of reality. +3 AC, Melee attacks DC 15 FORT save or stun for 1 round and ignore armor and shields

40. Plague Proximity causes sickness (DC 10 FORT save), 1d3 cumulative for each day sick, anyone in extended proximity can become sick (DC 5 FORT save/day

41. Poison claw or bite or weapon, melee; spray or gas, reflex save; spit, ranged; fort save or 1HP/round for 3 rounds

42. Puss Skin taught over bloated body, explodes when killed causing 1d3 in a 5’ radius

43. Ram Charge attack; +2 to hit and damage, AC -2 until next round

44. Rune Glowing runes; Regenerates 2HP every round

45. Sleep Song or smell causes sleep (DC10 WILL

46. Slime Grapple to envelope, 1d3 dissolve damage/turn

47. Slow An aura causes -10’ Speed, -3 INIT for 1d10 turns

48. Snipe Shoots darts or quirlls from up to 90'

49. Sorrow You begin weeping. -1 to fight through tears

50. Speed +10’ move, +3 INIT

51. Spider +5’ move, +1 INIT, shoots sticky web, climbs

52. Spitting 30’, Ref save, 1. Poison 2. acid 3. sticky 4. attractant 5. stink 6. drug

53. Spore releases cloud of spores from holes in body. -1 on all rolls from choking or obscured by cloud

54. Swarm -1 HD, -1 AC, -d1 damage, but there are a lot of them

55. Vampire +3 INIT, +3 Bite (1d4) auto grapples (1d3HP/round

56. Vile Fort save all within melee range or wretch

57. Wasting -1d to all actions and -1 Stamina/round for each round in melee range. A exudes black aura

58. Web Shoots a sticky web at a 10' square, DC Reflex save to avoid. Move reduced 15', -1d to attack, +1d to be attacked. DC 15 Strength to break free or cut your way out

59. Wraith Attack does subdual damage and removes 10xp per level of victim

60. Zombie See DCC core rulebook

Beast Type

1 Ant (1d3x10): Init +0; Atk bite +2 melee (1d3 plus latch); AC 16; HD 1d5; MV 20’ or climb 40’ (difficult terrain that may slow players allows ants to use their climb speed); Act 1d20; SP Latch; SV Fort +5, Ref +1, * Will -3; AL L. Successful attack latches on. -AC and -d1 Act until dc10 * STR to shake one off or dc 20 to shake all off.

2 Ape (3d3): Init +1; Atk bite +2 melee (1d4+1) or slam +3 melee (1d6); AC 10; HD 1d8; MV 20' or climb 30'; Act 1d20; SP +5 to hide checks in jungle terrain; SV Fort +4, Ref +2; AL N.

3 Bats: DCC Core pg. 396.

4 Bear (1): Init +2; Atk bite +2 melee (1d6 plus grapple), claw +4 melee (1d4+1); AC 13; HD 3d8; MV 40'; Act 1d20, 1d14; SP maul for additional 1d8 damage bite victim remains grappled next turn.

5 Beetles (1d3x4): Init -2; Atk mandibles (1d3+1); AC 15; HD 1d6; MV 20' or climb 20'; Act 1d20; SV Fort +1, Ref +0, Will -3; AL N.

6 Birds:

7 Cats:

8 Crabs:

9 Slugs:

10 Vines:

11 Centipedes:

12 Dogs:

13 Elves:

14 Flowers:

15 Gnomes:

16 Goblins:

17 Trees:

18 Skeleton:

19 Men:

20 Monkeys:

21 Plants:

22 Pig:

23 Rat:

24 Serpent:

25 Spiders:

26 Wolves:

27 Women:

28 Worms:

29 Shrooms:

30 Fungi:

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Re: Beastomatic

Post by GnomeBoy » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:01 am

I rolled Lascivious Sleep Fungi Women...

I couldn't help but formulate a quick take: It's a fungus that draws males to it (of not just humanoid species) who are compelled to touch the fungus, which then puts them to sleep. If the sleep abides, they will eventually die on the spot, providing 'food' for the fungi.
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