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Quick and Dirty G+ Migration
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Author:  Harley Stroh [ Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:07 am ]
Post subject:  Quick and Dirty G+ Migration

G+ is shutting down in August. Here is a thread for posting links to the various docs collected there. (The actual Google drive docs won't go away, but the posts cataloging the links will be toast.)

Feel free to start adding links that I am missing.


A resources collection anyone can contribute to ... hl=1#gid=0

Smursh-cleaned up/expanded DCC stuff for the masses:

A list of modules available on Lulu (will be toast in Aug)

A spot to find players or judges (sadly unused) ... edit#gid=4

A bunch of DCC-friendly Conventions ... ring#gid=0

All the modules ... hl=1#gid=0

Goodman Games convention stuff ... =drive_web

Author:  Harley Stroh [ Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick and Dirty G+ Migration

DCC podcasts

Sanctum Secorum
Each episode, the hosts read an Appendix N work, think of how to scavenge it for DCC campaign use, and provide free mini-supplements with monsters, items, and classes.

The hosts analyze elements of the game, answer reader questions, and occasionally interview guests. Lots of links in the show notes.
What follows is DCC-related episodes of podcasts.

Tabletoptwats irreverent actual play

Same guys do Raveloft ... qEMNFrqmip

Tomb of Horrors funnel four episodes exist

Virtual Play's funnel episode ... l-classics

Iron Tavern's 30 part series
more info at

A Crawljammer funnel ... -16-14.mp3

A Sailors play-through http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradi ... rless-sea/

Dracula has too much gold http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradi ... cula-gold/

Jim Wampler talks DCC with a lot with guests...
Harley Stroh ... le-planet/
Michael Curtis ... ed-coffin/
Tim Kask ... pplements/

BS Podcast with some Jen Brinkman input ... -1-gbs071/

Nights of the Shed ... q8ue9qnCfx

Blind wave video play
Part 2 (Harley Stoh mention at 17 minutes)

Glowburn ... -disaster/

Hobbs and Friends of the OSR has on a guest of a show that is also often DCCrific ... un-stroud/

We Hate Bards: Shudder Mountains: ... a_kick.mp3

Author:  smursh [ Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quick and Dirty G+ Migration


I've created a wiki for those interested.

You can contact me by sending a private message to me on G+ with a request for an account if you wish to contribute.

I'll only be giving access to those I recognize at first and then by way of the good word of those who already have accounts.

Hopefully, volunteers will make this thing grow.

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