Arduin & DCCRPG

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Arduin & DCCRPG

Post by billgibson »

Has the Goodman Games management given any thought on hooking up with or procuring the rights to do some Arduin Grimoire based stuff?

I'd love some of that old gonzo style content morphed into DCC. Left to my own devices I'll cobble it together for my campaign, but I'd rather pay some professionals for new content in an old setting I love.

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Re: Arduin & DCCRPG

Post by Ducaster »

"Arduin? Thats a name I've not heard since..."

Wow good thought +d5. Still I guess it depends on who owns what copyright really.

I'd also like to see an official revamp of some of the old Judges Guild stuff as well. (Thinking if we could drag Paul Jaquays Book of Treasure maps etc in to the fold mainly, but my spidy sence tells me that the copyrights an issue in some cases like this at least also. :(

Still very good thought: How about it GG?
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