Session 37 Chapter Two

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Session 37 Chapter Two

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Session 37- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

The assault continues. The party headed up the stairs. They see another hall that leads to the main doors from the inside. This hallway is much more ornate with filigree and scroll work throughout. They see a double sized door on the right side and two regular doors to the left. Also another archway is on the same wall as the stairs they are in is. This leads to stairs up to the next level. Some of them hear the very faint sounds of voices coming from down the hall. Rager heads to the double door and hears the chanting coming from there. He then checks the other two doors once he realizes that there is no way to lock the double doors from the outside. The first one (From the stairs) has a faint sound of moaning coming from it. He heard nothing from the second. The rest of the PCs kept watch from the staircase. Rager then used his rope to bind the two left hand doors to each other to prevent easy opening. Rager noticed a semi-hidden door on the right just before the main entrance doors as he did so. He called the others over and they debated on where to go.

After a few moments of discussion, they decided to check the hidden door first. Rager opened the door to find a child and two men in plate looking into mirrors. The occupants didn’t seem to notice them until the door hit a stand-alone closet behind the door. At this they whipped around in utter shock. Rager quickly dashed across the small room and obliterated the child. Knight loosed an arrow into the nearest foe. Mystic attacked the second man and Scrub assaulted the one that Knight had already engaged at range. After the surprise round, they quickly cleared up the others though not before Scrub fell to her opponent. Thankfully the others were able to get to her before she bled out. They searched he room and found 10 crystal vials & 10 clay vials in the closet. Scrub made a very good magic roll to identify the crystal ones (with the muddy water texture and smell) to be healing potions of a crude nature. They were able to identify the clay vials (with the honey-like color and smell) to have something to do with the mirrors.

The PCs then decided to head upstairs. Here they found another hallway with three alcoves to the right and two doors to the left. Rager and Mystic investigated the first alcove. They realized similar if not the same chanting was coming from inside. They moved to the first left door. Rager heard nothing and decided to move to the second door on the left. Here he and Mystic heard feminine voices. They listened close and found that the occupants were discussing laundry assignments. They all entered the room quietly to find three women with slave collars on were stripping the bedding from the barracks like room. Rager moved up close while the slaves continued to talk. One threw her load over her shoulder and started back towards the door. Because she was looking back over her shoulder, she ran right into Rager. She screamed but stopped quickly. Rager explained his need for information. Mystic attempted to use a sheet to cover the women up but she grimaced in pain and shrugged the cover off. The other girls got hysterical while pleading with the other not to reveal anything because “You know what they will do to us”. The girl started to tell all she knew to Rager but asked that the group kill all the leaders and destroy the control rod. After giving specifics to location and number’s, the group asked the girls to stay here while they searched the rest of this level.

They all went back to the first doorway on the left (the slave girl revealed that this room was the personal room of the five high priests) and found it to be unlocked. Rager opened it and was shocked by a guard spell. He also saw three Hellcats headed his way from inside. He closed the door and told the others what was inside. As he spoke, Mystic noticed that the door was starting to glow red behind Rager. They quickly setup and attacked as soon as the creatures had burned through the door. With little trouble, they dispatched the group (though Knight’s tabard was singed a bit). They searched the room. Mystic found a secret compartment with three letters in it. These letters revealed ordered to the leaders regarding the plan of stripping other temples of worshipers, the fact that they were to impersonate followers of which religion to establish the temple here and they were to stay in contact with Mortant (The headman from the village in chapter one) on matters dealing with the gangs. Also the letters contacting magic that alerted the leaders that one not of the faith had read them. The PCs decided to setup in this room to try to hold out while Scrub went out the window overlooking the back ally to fetch help. She took minor resilience damage from the defenses on the window but was able to get away as far as the party could tell.

The group stacked all the furniture in front of the remains of the door. This held off the assault for some time. Eventually the enemy was able to clear enough space to begin the battle. Knight managed to keep the main caster hopping with a missile assault while Mystic and Rager worked the melee crew. (Funny episode in all this battle, after several had fallen to the group, quite a wall of bodies was starting to form. Of course at this point a short dwarf ended up facing them. He was unable to attack because of the height of the bodies. The PCs had no real trouble stabbing down at him though). After several rounds of destruction, the PCs were starting to get into trouble. Pools were toast and both front liners and taken damage. Thankfully the potions they had secured earlier and some prudent use of magic kept them going long enough for reinforcements to arrive from Mystic’s temple. The last enemy ran down the hall to the room with the slave women in it. Rager quickly pursued him. When he entered the room, one of the slaves was bleeding badly from a head wound while the one that had given information was trying to strangle the man from behind. Rager closed and killed the man with one shot. They searched the bodies of the upper priests but didn’t find the control rod. They then headed over to the other building they women had mentioned. They arrived to find the battle done on this side and the one priest here didn’t have it either. They then searched the main temple room and found it hidden near the main altar. The PCs turned it over to the higher ups so the slaves could be freed safely.

Game ended here. We ran late to finish the temple since we will be off for the next two weeks. No issues with the system. Large combats are pretty easy to run.
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