Session 35 Chapter Two

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Session 35 Chapter Two

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Session 35- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

Last week, one of the players couldn’t make it and the others decided to hold off on the session so he wouldn’t miss the assault of the Temple.

This session began with disguises. The second in command of Rager’s temple was able to use a ritual to disguise the four party members. They each were given a raven feather and asked to describe and think about what they wished to be disguised as. Mystic took an older male (gaunt and none to clean) that would appear to fit in the neighborhood they were going to. Knight chose a farm bumpkin (reeking of pigs) visiting the city for the first time. Rager selected the guise of a drunkard (you got it…vomit and urine soaked) and Scrub took the guise of a 12-year-old beggar girl with a disease. The caster warned them that if they lost contact with the feather or acted out of character to the illusion, the spell would cease to be. Knight’s temple arranged for a pilgrimage to leave for the south at that time so they could mingle with them on their way through the city. They all decided to meet up at a tavern near the street.

Knight arrived first and was asked to take his stink infused self out the door to be served. He complied. Rager arrived next, sat at the bar and promptly pretended to fall asleep. He was quickly roused by the barkeep and told to pay or get out. He chose to pay. Mystic arrived next and ordered a beer. He even sipped it a bit to keep in character. Almost an hour later Scrub was spotted by Knight outside. She had lost her disguise so she was covering her self in a large cloak. She went into an ally across the street once Knight had acknowledged her. He called into the bar for another beer and gave a hand sign to Mystic. He nudged Rager as he stood up and then left the bar. Rager “woke” up a minute or so later and staggered out the door. Knight headed over to the alley and called out to his “cousin”. Rager made it across and asked her what happened while fake vomiting. She explained that a group of males decided that she could be useful to them and had started to drag her off. She protested violently and slaughtered the lot of them, which caused the disguise to fail. They decided to stick to the plan anyway.

They reached the street and headed into it separately. Rager went first. He was able to traverse the street without incident. Scrub came next and she drew some attention from the gang members. Knight was next and over heard one group of gangers discussing Scrub. After he passed, they fell in behind him. Mystic then followed them. Rager and Scrub both entered the dwarf woman’s house. Knight kept up his bumpkin role and gawked at the fountain for a while. The gangers turned towards the dwarf’s abode. Mystic followed suit when he arrived. Inside, Rager hid along side the fragmented door while Scrub moved to the stairs deep in the room. The gangers failed to notice Rager and moved deep into the room after Scrub. He then obliterated the rear most ganger and followed up with similar destruction on the second. As the third turned away from Scrub, she gave him and ax to the backside that finished him. Rager was able to quell the ganger’s screams (The first two had no throats left to scream with). Knight and Mystic reached the outside door at the same time to witness the carnage. They all hid the bodies in the tunnel and then headed in.

Mystic took point and reached the secret door. They cautiously opened it not knowing if the inhabitants had discovered it or not (The dwarf woman thought they might but she did try to close it before she was discovered). He found that it open easily for a few inches but then took on added weight. He was able to open it mostly and discovered that they were in a pantry. They all slipped in. Mystic then checked the normal door. He found it lead into a kitchen area where four people were cooking. He slipped inside and crossed to the far door (not a one noticed him…talk about poor rolling on my part) and found that it lead into a hall. He closed it and stood in front of it. Knight then slipped in and headed towards the other door (Yep…failed all four rolls again). He checked the other door to find it was to a cold storage room. Knight then tapped the nearest man on the shoulder and calmly asked him what was cooking. The man jumped out of his skin and immediately turned stabbing with a knife. Rager walked in and Mystic slashed the nearest to him. They quickly killed the rest.

Rager tasted the soup from one of the pots. He took a resilience loss due to something in it. They then moved forward. The found the hall had three doors to the left and two to the right. The first door on the left was a small storage closet. The next doors faced each other across the hall. They tried the right one but it was barred from the inside. The left one opened into a small dining hall were four men were eating at a table. Mystic and Rager rolled in and finished them all quickly (Knight was able to wound one with an arrow from the hall). Knight and Scrub failed to notice that the door had opened behind them. Knight took two mace blows to the back. Knight, Rager & Mystic all took resilience damage from a ray of dark light coming from inside the newly revealed room. Knight then pushed into the room while attacking the nearest assailant. Scrub rushed in right next to him and also brought the pain. Rager followed next. The three of them finished off all of the front line while Mystic squared off against the plate mail-wearing leader. Mystic finish him off in two rounds. Rager searched the body and found that the armor had sigils of the temple’s professed god but he found a tattoo that was of a very disquieting variety (though he couldn’t put his finger on why). They all searched the others but didn’t find anything else of note. Knight did find dome paperwork in the room and shoved it all in a bag for later perusal.

The PCs then headed to the next set of doors. They tried the right door and found it locked. The left opened easily to another dinning hall (this one empty). Mystic then asked Rager to knock on the right door. He obliged and heard a faint I’m coming from inside. Knight setup directly in front (but slightly back from) the door. Rager stood against the wall with the ax at the ready. When it opened, the man looked shocked for the half second he was alive as Rager cut him down. Inside, the group found around twenty men in various staged of dress. They slaughtered all but one of them. Mystic made sure the female that had been abducted and abused by the group of men was alive and then stalked the last man. Rager took the guy’s knee out with the back of his ax. Knight healed and calmed the woman. Mystic and Rager interrogated the last one. When he came to, Rager noticed that instead of being immediately frightened by Mystic’s demonic mask, he actually looked worshipful of it. Mystic didn’t understand the look. Suddenly as the other PCs questioned him, the prisoner’s demeanor and countenance changed. He suddenly looked like he wasn’t in pain; his skin took on a faintly red cast and his face looked slightly sinister. He then insulted the Rager’s goddess quite nastily. Rager attempted to pull the guys head off at that point. He didn’t really succeed but he did kill the guy before anyone could stop him.

We stopped here due to time and it being a good stopping point. It was a solid session. No system hiccups.
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