Session 27 Chapter Two

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Session 27 Chapter Two

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Session 27- Rager player was unable to attend so his character was ghosted.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

The PCs leveled at the end of last session so we spent sometime finalizing the updates. Also created new spells for those that wanted them. It was a pretty quick process as always. Making final decisions on what the wanted took longer than creating the spells.

Mystic was contacted by one of the masters and told to meet the female guardian at the dining hall. She told him to accompany her to the Temple of Knight’s goddess and that he will be getting his mission there. He acquiesced. At the front door, a messenger bearing a letter from the local watch contact meets him. Apparently more of the missing initiates have been spotted in the area of that same street but they have been unable to find out the exact location of where they go. He passes the info up and them walks to the temple with the guardian.

Knight is awoken and commanded into the presence of the head of his order. There he learns that he is to be reassigned to tracking down the source of the compound that is creating the strange behavior. He is brought to the same room Mystic, Rager & Scrub are in. There the head of Knight’s order, the guardian from the Mystic’s order and an elder of Rager’s temple debrief them all. The strange behavior was being caused by a toxin that was found in a certain kind of incense used during certain rituals. With the help of Mystic’s order, all the purveyors of the incense in the city have been cleared. It is apparent that the incense that came from the area north of the city is the tainted stuff and they are to go out and try to find the specific source. They will be passing near the area that the Rager’s temple initiates are supposed to be, so they are to look in on them since no communication has been had with the initiates since this all broke out. The PCs accepted the mission and are given 24 hours to prepare.

Knight is presented with a magic set of chain mail, a magic long sword and a magic shield. Mystic is given a magic box that produces up to 3 bland meals a day. They are all provisioned for the journey and given general directions to each area. The group decided to check on the initiates first since they are about a day closer than the tree farms that the incense comes from.

After riding for a miserable day (Rain, winds, mud, etc…), they arrive in the general area the initiates are supposed to be. They decide to sleep for the night and then start searching early the next day. Knight (Being a country boy) gets the idea that the rain should end @ midnight (he is correct). After a wet night, they all arise to start searching. Around noon they find a battle site. From the equipment and lack of bodies, they feel that this is the site of one of the war games the initiates are out here playing. They also determine that this occurred about a week ago. They continue to search and find an encampment nearby that seems to have been abandoned @ 6 days ago. Loads of gear and supplies are scattered all over. They search the camp and find the body of a woman in a collapsed tent. Mystic sees that the clothing near her is not from the Rager’s temple but looks like local garb. Her throat had been slit. As they continue the search, they find a camp dog that looks to have been used as a moving target, two bodies of temple initiates in armor in a broken down wagon & a plain’s people’s horse whose front legs had been severed by an ax. They decided to wrap up the initiates bodies for later burning. Knight buried the woman and marked the grave so he could find it again. They then moved off several hundred yards and setup camp since it was getting late.

Session ended here. It was a good stopping point and we weren’t sure exactly what Rager’s player would want Rager to do about all this. As most times, another smooth session.
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