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Session 23 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:29 pm
by StormPatriarch
Session 23- Rager is not available so he was ghosted.

PCs decided to check out the rest of the street. They found the ending cul-de-sac to be quite dilapidated. Of the six doors, only two are still there. Two others have been bricked up and the last two are filled with rubble from collapsed/burnout buildings. This is all surrounding a muddy central courtyard that has a ruined well in it.

They decide to head right along the roadside and find that the first door here is one of the ones that still looks functional. Knight notices that the doorframe has runes around it that look slightly skewed. They knock but receive no response. Knight realizes quickly that the door is fortified quite extensively for a door in this type of neighborhood. Mystic and Knight form a human ladder w/Knight on top to see through the very narrow window on the second floor. He sees what looks to be a barracks style living space that is kept in good order. Unfortunately, he is too big to enter the room. They decide to circle back behind the building if they can. They end up having to back track to an alley off the access street. This leads them behind the neighboring buildings. They manage to get up on top and see that the fortified building doesn’t appear to have any other entrance points. At this point, they discussed how to enter the building to investigate. One plan was to send Scrub in the window and hope she could find the door quickly. This was discarded because she would have no support while inside (and Rager would have been peeved if she got into it w/out him). The other plan involved true breaking and entering. They decided against this because of the legal aspects.

They climbed back down and checked the rest of the street. The well was filled with rubble. On the other corner, stands the only other working door (which is in very poor condition). They knocked and received no answer. Knight took out his dagger and knocked again with the hilt. The door broke open. They called out into the room, which was stuffed w/broken furniture and such. No answer but they both felt the presence of someone. After offering assurances that they wouldn’t harm anyone and a monetary reward, a rusty old voice came out of the far corner. The voice asked them to leave. Knight turned to leave. Mystic raised the price offered. The voice asked that they prove they had the money. They held it up to no avail. Knight then shook the purse and was told to throw the coins against the wall near the door. He did and the voice asked what they wanted to know. They found out the traffic on this street has picked up considerably but the person hasn’t seen anyone because she has been keeping a low profile. They asked if she noticed a man in a robe. She said that she doesn’t look and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between cloth sounds. She said that some of the people in that place were wearing chain mail from another city. This stuck out because it is unusual to find it here. They thanked her and left after trying to place the door back in place.

Mystic & Knight decide to report these findings to the local watch and to ask a few questions around the watch station. The sergeant lets them know that the fortified house is a declared temple to a foreign god. The worshippers showed all the proper papers to the watch several months ago when they arrived. He also told them that it seems to be a pretty popular sect so far. They inform him of the missing man Mystic is looking for and leave. The PCs decide to head back to the temples at this point. At the split point is a tavern. Rager and Scrub decide to have a few while Mystic heads in one direction and Knight the other. As Knight turns away, a person in a cloak leaves the alley nearby and starts to follow him. Mystic (high scrutiny roll) manages to see it and turns to follow. Knight also notices that he is being followed. Knight speeds up slightly. The follower ducks into an alley. Mystic sends a message to Knight using a spell, telling him what just happened. Knight continues on to the well-lit street while Mystic attempts to follow the man down the alley. A couple blocks down, the man ducks into an alley heading towards the main street Knight should be on. Mystic leans his head around the corner to see where the man went and ends up staring at the man’s face from two steps away. They seem to lock gazes and stare silently at each other for a while though a dark cloth mask covers the man’s face.

Knight feels that someone is watching him again and spots a man with a cloak on standing in an alley on his left. He enters the alley and formally introduces himself to the man (who is also wearing a dark cloth mask and cloak). The guy says that he is just standing there. Knight leaves.

Two blocks over but in the same alley, Mystic hears Knight’s voice faintly but continues to stare at the man. After a bit, Mystic starts to talk to the man (who responds but always in a way that leaves the Mystic without cause to start in on him). Another man comes from the alley and passes them both, turns to the right and continues on. Mystic starts to push past the man blocking him but doesn’t actually make contact. He then hurries up to catch Knight at the transfer station. There they discuss the events that just happened. This convinces them that they should head back to Rager & Scrub to make sure they are okay.

We stopped slightly early here because combat was coming up and we wouldn’t have enough time to finish it. System is running smooth. No need to hit the books during game. Can’t wait to the next session though. Three sessions without an action scene can be a bit much in my opinion.

Re: Session 23 Chapter Two

Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:21 pm
by dancross
Thank you for the update! 8)

Would you provide a brief summary of the names of the characters before the posts?

Re: Session 23 Chapter Two

Posted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:33 am
by StormPatriarch
dancross wrote:Thank you for the update! 8)

Would you provide a brief summary of the names of the characters before the posts?
I will attempt to remember. :)

P.S. This is a no game week.