Session 22 Chapter Two

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Session 22 Chapter Two

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Session 22- All players present.

Another session of plot development followed. Party was split up for almost the entire session. Thankfully this system makes it pretty easy to bounce back and forth.

So the Mystic found two of the burliest of his order and cast rejuvenate on them. This snapped them out of whatever was affecting them. They in turn spent their SPs casting rejuvenate on others of the order and then helped Mystic start battering down the Grandmaster’s door. The ones they had helped then used their powers to clear more followers. High order members were soon revived. They continued the search for the two under-masters of the order while Mystic and the others continue to try to break the door down. Shortly the town watch is alert by nearby neighbors to the noise. They arrive at the front gates. The high order members give Mystic the job of dealing w/the watch and doing a head count of membership. He explains to the watch what is going on and the watch squad leader volunteers to request a siege team from the army to assist. Mystic asks the higher ups and they give permission to ask for help. Very shortly an army squad arrived escorting a siege mage. He quickly brought the door down. Inside were the Grandmaster and the under-masters. The three of them appeared to be locked in some kind of mental struggle against each other. Mystic cast rejuvenate on the grandmaster causing a break in the struggle. When the smoke cleared, one under-master was hurt but the Grandmaster and the other under-master were in decent shape. Mystic was ordered to continue the head count where he realized several members were missing. The Grandmaster was able to locate the minds of the missing but they were dulled and unable to locate them physically. Mystic was tasked with attending to this problem while the other members recovered and researched the cause of the behavioral problems. All routines were suspended until further notice.

Meanwhile, Rager is rudely awakened from his sleep by taking damage (I did allowed him to roll scrutiny to see if he woke from his drunken sleep but he failed it). He woke to 3 members of his order marching in lockstep around his room. They had passed right over his head. He quickly pounded one of them in the chest w/the backside of his great axe. The one he struck flew into the one behind, bringing them both down. He decided to hit the third with a fortify spell which snapped him out of it. Rager hit the other two w/the fortify spell (d4s to each to conserve SPs) and healed the one he had bashed. At this point he realized that the temple was in trouble and sent the revived people to bring Scrub, the priest from earlier and his paladin/rager brother. Scrub & the paladin arrived soon but the priest didn’t. After a short while, the member sent to get him returned explaining that the priest was back in a stupor. He gathered his group, found the priest and cast fortify on him. This quickly revived the priest who ordered all of them to spread out, find all members and fortify/rejuvenate any found to be under the influence. A few members were found to be missing. Rager decided to make a formal request to his goddess to grant him insight into current events. Half way through the ritual, he blacked out.

In Knight’s temple, much of the same recovery plan was occurring. The runners he sent to the other temples returned with news that not much was going on though at least one of the temple’s refused entrance violently (somewhat unusual in an allied temple). Once the followers were revived, the head count revealed that almost 20% of the members were missing (the majority of which were the lowest orders). Members of the priesthood cast divining spells and came back with the statement that the missing members had been lost to the faith. Knight was ordered to start an investigation into the missing while the priesthood went to the readying room for the morning services. He ordered paladins to stand guard outside the room. A short time later, Knight was informed that they didn’t come back out and that the door had been barred. He sent several members of the paladins that had priest training to take over the morning services and then joined the other paladins to break the door down. They succeeded and he rushed into the room. As he entered, Knight experienced a moment of weakness (Game terms his Resilience dropped almost 30 points!). Two of his compatriots succumbed and became entangled like all the other priests that were in the room. Rejuvenates and Fortifies flew again and soon all were back to their usual states.

Rager finally came to with seven people holding him down and a priest of the battle goddess looking down at him. He also realized that he was covered in blood. The priest asked if he was there and when he responded, told the others to let him up. Looking around, he sees that Scrub, priest and paladin are all being let up from the floor. Six bodies are also in evidence. It is explained to him that passersby heard shouting coming from the room and came to investigate. When they opened the door, Rager and his compatriots turned and started slaughtering them. Thankfully a large group of higher members heard the commotion and stopped the slaughter before many more people were killed or maimed. After they all are healed and declared fit for duty, Rager and Scrub leave to follow up w/Knight on what has been going on.

Mystic sends a message to Knight stating that he is working on leads to the missing members of his Order. Knight sends back that he is missing members as well and to keep him informed. Mystic gains a lead on one of the missing and as he is about to leave the house to pursue it, Knight’s runner arrives. Mystic sends back that he is following a lead and will let Knight know. He manages to track the follower to a gang-controlled street in the poor quarter. At this point, he sends another runner to the other PCs that he is going to stake out the street.

Knight & Rager (w/Scrub in tow) decide to get rooms at an inn near the Knight’s temple to get some rest. When the runner arrives, Knight reads the message but decides to sleep for 6 more hours. When he awakens later, he lets Rager know what is going on and they decide to head on down to the street. Once they arrive, Mystic explains that he thinks he has figured out the main house of the gang on the street. They then decide it’s a good idea to confront the gang for information. They arrive at the door and have a conversation though it w/an old sounding man who claims that the follower could have passed down the street but he doesn’t bother to notice drunken vagrants. Rager mentions the assassin that tried to gut him and this startles a confession out of the old man that he knows of that assassin. Mystic slips a coin under the door to the voice, which proceeds to tell them what little he knows about the assassin. Rager then asks for info on how the assassin is hired. More money is exchanged and the voice agrees to get him this info (if he can) by tomorrow at the same time and place.

Game ended for the night here. Game is running smooth system wise. Couldn’t remember natural healing rules off the top of my head but was able to find them pretty quickly.
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