Session 2 of Two-session mini-game

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Session 2 of Two-session mini-game

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Session 2 of Two-session mini-game-One player not available.

Doubled the SP pools for the casters as suggested. It definitely helped the magical characters out.


Party searched the room and found a hidden trapdoor. A ladder lead down @6ft into the earth and then moved north. They investigated and found that it lead to a small room containing a sarcophagus and several small leather pouches lying against it. The Healer declared they would not disturb the dead unless necessary and they all left. The party rested in the room above. The Rogue returned during his watch and stole some money out of each of the pouches.

They awoke and headed up the tower. The next floor they faced 10 Kobolds in various forms. Third floor housed 10 skeletons and 5 zombies. The 4th floor was the home of 5 hellcats, which were the most effective of the enemies so far. The 5th floor was cut in half by a wall. In the middle of the wall was a 15ft tall four-armed statue. The players quickly surmised that it was a golem. They scanned for magic and found the magic hidden door. The sorceress took flight and distracted the golem while the rest ran for the door and broke it down. The sorceress then managed to dodge the golem and rejoin the party.

They continued up to the 6th floor and found the master’s chamber. In it they found a full lab and small library. They also discovered another golem (that did not seem to react to them), a spiked area with an opening to the out side above it & a large nest. The sorceress flew up out the opening and found nothing of interest. The other PCs checked the room but found nothing else. The sorceress returned. After more searching, the rogue heard the sound of great wings approaching quickly. They started for the door but a gryphon strafed the dwarf and landed. The golem activated as well. The PCs hurt the gryphon enough hat he retreated and then they focused on destroying the golem. The gryphon stuck his head back in and started casting fireballs on them and then ducking out of site. The party healer prayed for guidance and was reminded of the coffin downstairs. She ran down the tower and opened the lid. She then dispelled the preservation magic on the body. It rose and explained to her that it could offer her a way out if she wished (The dwarf was down and all of them were near out of all defenses). She agreed. Each of the others also agreed individually and was transported to the city gates. They then reported to the guild and collected the lesser fee for finding out what caused the attacks but not stopping it.

Game ended here. Everyone seemed to like the system though they would like to have had their own characters. When my turn to run comes up I will most likely be running this system for them in a campaign.
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