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Sixteenth session experience....

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:58 pm
by StormPatriarch
Sixteenth session experience…all players present.

Players picked up what loot was available. Rager claimed two short swords and has taken to wearing them…. I guess we shall see what that is about. They then move to a new camping spot to finish resting. They arrive at the town well after dark. They town gate is closed and no guards are evident. They hail the gate and knock to no avail. One PC notices that no sounds are coming from inside at all. They decide to go around the town and visit the big farm down the road. When they arrive they find that all is quiet and no lights are showing. They ride into the courtyard and hear horses in the barn. The PCs check the barn and after a few tense seconds realize they are dealing with the farm lads. Once they arrive in front of the patriarch, he explains that a Banshee has been seen in the area and has destroyed two farms. The locals do not know what is attracting the Banshee but are taking no chances. The town is being cautious as well. The PCs decide to stay the night and head into town the next day. They also present the evidence they have gathered to the head farmer who sits on the council. He believes the PCs and lets them know he will back them in council.

The next day, the PCs head to town and go to the Inn. They quickly fill the Innkeeper in and are able to convince him as well. He gives them some information of where the other councilors stand and that Toasem was at the last meeting (He owned the farm w/ the vineyard and the PC’s thought he was dead).

The PCs then move to the Blacksmith who hints that a fee might convince him. They quickly slide some gold his way and he intimates that he would support them.

They then try the head of the fishery, He seems very jittery and the evidence followed by a discourse of what each one of them represents in terms of retribution leaves him quaking. He seems to indicate that he would support them in council.

They decide head back to the Innkeeper and get him to call an emergency council meeting for the following day. He informs them that would not be possible but that the day after would be workable. They agree and leave town to stay w/the Farmer.

The night passes quietly. They head out the next day to find the Druid and see if she can be recruited. They find her and declare their intentions. She states that she assumed they were here to remove the headman since they have been killing his men. They all noticed this statement. The Rager asked if she knew who had been following them. She stated that no one was following them now but that at least six men had been. She stated that she had misled two of them down to the river and four of them across the road. The PCs quickly decided to try to capture the two by the river.

They set an ambush and after a brief chase were able to capture both men wounded but alive. One broke immediately and started answering questions. They asked who hired him (He said Suso). They asked who Suso was (a man that hires people for jobs). They asked were he was hired (He answered the city).

Time ran out so the questioning will continue in next game.

Re: Sixteenth session experience....

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:09 pm
by dancross
What have you noticed about the odds of success when pitting PC skill versus opposition dice?

Re: Sixteenth session experience....

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:29 am
by StormPatriarch
dancross wrote:What have you noticed about the odds of success when pitting PC skill versus opposition dice?
Nothing unexpected. Two dice are always better than one?