Fifteenth session experience....

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Fifteenth session experience....

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Fifteenth session experience…all players present.

Some time spent on finalizing the testing and gifts for each PC. The Rager and the Knight were both promoted to full paladins of their respective orders. The Mystic warrior was promoted as well in accordance with his order’s guidelines. The Rager’s Great ax was engraved and enchanted (+1 perm). The Knight gained a fine make sword (less quick to dull, finer quality make…not magical though) and his bow was enchanted (+1 perm). The Mystic rec’d enchanted armor (+1 perm) and a fine katana. From time to time the PCs felt that someone was watching them but were unable to catch anyone at it.

The PCs had agreed to meet at a fountain in the city on a certain day at a certain time. They did this and exchanged info on what had gone on in the last week. They decided to grab a meal before splitting up again. They ate and then went their separate ways after agreeing to leave the following morning at dawn. Unfortunately, the drink was poisoned. All PCs survived and their respective temples alerted the watch. Thus they found out the drink was poisoned and that the barmaid who served them was missing a block of time. After sleeping, they met at the gate. They decided to push the horses to shorten the trip to 2 days.

The first night at camp, the Rager’s mid watch was disturbed by a sudden silence falling on the camp of the not natural variety. He quickly kicked the others awake. Arrows came out of the surrounding trees. The Rager dropped prone for the attack and then popped back up and ran into the darkness. As the Knight & Mystic followed suit, a fan lightening blast ripped into them. The Mystic spotted the caster and charged. The Knight was already headed in a different direction so he fired an arrow into the caster instead. The Rager saw the flash and started around the camp towards the location he believed it was coming from but was quickly drawn into combat with a swordsman. The Mystic arrived at the caster and quickly sliced and diced. He noticed that the mage in front of him didn’t seem to feel right. After putting the mage down, he turned to finish off the swordsman. At this point he was hit w/a lightening bolt from off to the side. The Knight saw the shot and attempted to put an arrow in the area. The Rager saw the area the blast came from as well and charged it. He saw a swordsman and the mage. He quickly attacked the mage and noticed that the mage was hitting him w/lightening and attacking him with her wand in the same round. He finished her off and started on the swordsman. The Mystic arrived and finished off the swordsman. On the other side of the camp, the Knight fought two more swordsmen and was able put one of them down. The Mystic and Rager arrived to finish the last man off. At this point the PCs discussed what had happened and when searching the bodies verified that the mage did not appear to be among them. She apparently had gotten away. Rager was very beat up. Knight was hurting. The Mystic managed to bolster his considerable resilience during a round, which left him as the least damaged of the group after combat.

Stopped here do to time limit being reached. Awarded experience. Was a good battle at the end and the poisoning was interesting to run.
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Re: Fifteenth session experience....

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