Session 39 Chapter Two

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Session 39 Chapter Two

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Session 39- All players present.

As requested, the PC names will appear before the log entry.

Knight- Hyfaidd
Mystic- Quinlan
Rager- Phalaanx
Scrub- Searlean (NPC)

The squad leader separated the PCs and questioned them as usual but at the end of the statement process, he slipped Rager a note and gave him a weighty look. He then released them. Rager quickly lead the way to the nearest tavern and cleared a table in the corner (a stern look quelled any resistance). After ordering drinks and food, he read the note and informed the others of its contents. It basically gave an address along with notes indicating that the squad leader believed that this was the current location of the man the PCs are hunting and that he cannot do anything with this information in a legal sense. They agreed amongst themselves to “investigate” this lead.

After lunch, they head out. The location is a row home in the poor quarter up against the outer city wall. It is also very near the wall separating the poor quarter from a military guard section. They scoped the area as they walked down the street (They made sure their cloaks were on and closed). They observed that the stoop leading up to the house was very clean and no one was on it unlike to others on this street. Mystic noticed that the windows were narrower behind the shutters than the other houses. At the end of the street was the open space before the military wall. Here the conversed and watched the house for a while. The PCs noticed that they stoop was avoided unconsciously by the neighbors. They then entered the general store being run out of the house nearest the wall in the same block as the target. Here they spoke to the gnome shop keeper who was unable to remember anything about the house but was happy to sell some jerky to Rager (Don’t ask what meat it was made from). His wife became very agitated though. Mystic stepped up to her and started to question her. Her husband stepped between them but was removed by Rager. She then begged them to leave her husband alone because he “could not see”. Knight stepped up and calmed the women down. She stated again that he couldn’t see and to please leave him alone. They swore to comply if she could help them. She started answering the questions they put to her. “Yes someone lives there. I think about 4 or so. Several days ago two more joined them, a halfling and a human.”

After they got all they wanted, the group moved back to the street to discuss options. After deliberations, they decided to try the door knocking routine. Mystic stated he would do it this time. He stepped on the first step and took the resilience loss. He then moved up each of the four steps taking more. Before the fourth step, he drank the resilience boosting potion he had. After the fourth, he cast a resilience booster spell on himself while Knight did the same. He then knocked on the door. No one answered. He took more resilience loss and decided to leave the stoop. Rager had checked the steps and walls for magic. He saw that the fields centered on each step but the walls seemed to not be magical. The group then decided to question the humans sitting on the next stoop. Rager asked the owner inside and then paid her 50 gold if he could knock a hole in the wall of her house leading to the target house. She readily agreed to that price. They then all moved into the upper floor against the back wall. Rager checked for magic and found none on the interior wall. Knight used an earth sense spell that sounded out the stone used in the wall and the joining wall. He learned from this that the room on the other side had a very large stone basin-like shape attached to the floor. This basin was wet and had some kind of metal attached to it. The PCs decided to hunker down and wait for nightfall (Also to get some sleep for those that had used up resilience and magic).

Around 10 PM that night, they began the assault. Rager’s ax was able to smash the walls of both rooms in about 4 to 5 seconds. They quickly moved into the target house (the décor throughout the house is decayed elegance). A large bathing chamber greeted their eyes. Rager moved out to investigate further with the others right behind him. The hall has two doors and a stairwell on the left with two more doors on the right. Mystic enters the first room across the hall from the bath. The door is unlocked and leads to a bedroom that shows signs that someone has lives here but is not there right now. They all hear voices arguing downstairs so Rager moves to the top of the stairs and sets up caltrops. Knight and Mystic attempt to search the other rooms but they are locked. The next one on the left, they are able to knock the door in. It also is a bedroom showing signs of recent occupancy. They are unable to open the door across the way. Mystic and Rager switch places so Rager can open the door with his master key (Read large magical ax). He does so and returns to the stairs. Mystic & Knight search the large bedroom/sitting room. Knight finds many interesting documents in the desk. He then opens the other door that faces the hallway across from the stairs. He briefly sees someone’s head poking up over the lip of the stairs but they drop down before he is able to draw and release the arrow.

Game ended here because we were running close to end time & combat was about to commence. We will probably complete this chapter in the next session at which point my turn to run comes to an end for now.
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