Congrats to the GenCon '06 Xcrawl tournament winners!

In XCC, you're a superstar athlete taking your chances in a live-on-pay-per-view death sport. It’s a modern-day world with a fantasy twist, and the game is simple: the Dungeon Judge, or DJ, creates an artificial dungeon under controlled — but lethal — conditions. Can you survive?

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DJ LaBoss
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Congrats to the GenCon '06 Xcrawl tournament winners!

Post by DJ LaBoss » Wed Aug 16, 2006 1:59 pm

TEAM: Surgical Strike

Members: Sean Nokes, Steven Yap, Jennifer McPherson, Nicholas Peterson, Michael Pisarsky, Marceille Stanley, Kristi Pisarsky

Great job everyone! Thanks to all the players:

THE FOUR SEASONS: Carl Johnson, Dominic Pirrello, Christopher Harvey, Erik W. Johnson, Brett Bolen, Travis Bryant

THE KUNG FU GAMERS: John Sederqust, Bryan Andrewski, Tom Caudron, William Wise, Roy Mills, Daren Geremia

THE SHORT BUS GAMERS: Bill Flather, Chris A. Stephens, Kevin D. Stephens, Tom Tullis, Kevin Buntin, Dan Massek, Mike Romano, William Herron

RESOIVOIR DOGS: Vinnie, Reaver, Quickstrike and Scantum – post your real names if you happen to be on this forum.

DISCHORDIAN STRIKE FORCE: Jeremy Knue, Major Rucus, General Dissent, Colonel Sybarite

Harley Stroh
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Post by Harley Stroh » Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:08 am

Any classic moments from the tourney?

The lucky guy who got to write some Dungeon Crawl Classics.

DCC Resource thread: character sheets, judge tools, and the world's fastest 0-level party creator.

DJ LaBoss
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Post by DJ LaBoss » Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:15 pm

Classic moments? Absolutely.

Qunitillius of the Surgical Strike casting shatter on the yoke of a chariot, causing the horses to drag the driver thirty yards across the astroturf. Ouch!

SpellReaver (also SS) blowing all my poor, poor hobgoblins to bits on his very first action of the game.

Huro, star-crossed rogue of the Short Bus Gamers, fumbling on his find traps roll while his team mates cowered nearly 200' away. The trap released a ravenous Veloceraptor, which he had to entertain by himself for two rounds before his friends could get to his age. This same rogue went on to loose two fingers in a trap in the very next room.

An amazing Chariot moment - Shadowblade of the Strike makes her leap attempt - she must steer a chariot with three passengers up a fifteen foot ramp, through a flaming hoop, and down another ramp - an extremely difficult move to say the least. In mid flight her teammates fire off a volley from the back of the chariot, Farshot launching arrows, Spell Rever firing missles, felling several charioteers only seconds before BAM! the jump fails, the chariot flips and the players get thrown for yards.

Sledge of the mighty Dischordian Strike Force made a magnificant leap from his moving chariot to the back of the enemy moving chariot, slaying the gunners and forcing the driver to take a ramp through a flaming hoop. The resulting crash and wreck killed everyone on board - except for Sledge, of course.

Tweek fromt the Dischordians actually making the flaming hoop leap with her chariot, the ONLY PLAYER TO DO IT SUCCESSFULLY ALL WEEKEND!!

ShadowBlade of the Surgical Strike's heroic unlocking of three trapped locks after being rendered blind by Seth the Evil Cleric and his shadow wolves. The Evil Cleric room was the toughtest one of the tourney and the Strike, using excellent team work and exceptional use of their Mojo pool, won a glorious victory.

The Undaunted Wu Dang of the Kung Fu gamers almost getting daunted by an angry merman.

More laughs than anyone could ever count. I have never had more fun running games at a Con then GenCon 06.

If any Las Vegas survivors are on - what were your faveorite moments?

be well,


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Post by Starhawk » Fri Aug 25, 2006 1:46 pm


Your buddy Sean (Quintillius) here. I definitely had a blast running and gunning the Las Vegas Crawl with you and with Surgical Strike -- the tourney was by far the best game, DM, or group of players I have ever had at a con.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that the room with Seth and his pack of friends was BY FAR the hardest room in the crawl. For a few minutes I thought we were going to wipe -- but I did what was needed and so did the rest of Surgical Strike. Tell you what, those guys (and gals) know their way around a dicebag!

My favorite moments? The group made almost every room in the crawl a memorable experience, through lots of camaraderie and high-fiving during each and every action. I gotta admit, getting dumped into the water by the mermen was a terrifying experience, since I was wearing forty pounds of armor and all.

The ramp-and-chariot room was absolutely sweet -- especially when we romped and stomped the enemy chariots, but the best moment for me? Not the "shatter" on the chariot.... not the failed jump. It was the pure Xcrawl hilarity of when I held the last hobgoblin at swordpoint.... got his surrender and the refs came to lead him away. Combat was over, and he looked me in the eye, made sure the cameras were watching others, and said, "We asked for a spellcaster. This is bullsh!t, man." Bwahahaha. Poor guy.

Anyway -- I'll shoot you an e-mail later, Brendan. Keep the faith!

Sean / Quintilius

Spell Reaver
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What made it great

Post by Spell Reaver » Sun Aug 27, 2006 8:24 pm

In terms of what made the moments memorable for me, I'd have to say my teammates and the out of combat character asides. Double rocking out with Quintillius when a spell hit just right. Another great out of game moment was Shadow Blade hitting me up for part of my winnings so that she could work the casino tables. Also, many props to our DJ for dishing the energy. That and for teaching me the errors of ill used fireballs by rewarding my stupidity with a flaming Wicker Man. Finally, I think we should move forward with the official Surgical Strike souvenior Double Beer Fullhelm. I'd really like to see what the game is like in between crawls. If that could be worked into next Gencon's session that would be awesome.
P.S. Here is a new smiley for ya

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Post by Dissent » Wed May 23, 2007 1:16 pm

(sorry this is so long past due)

Man it was great reading the highlights of the Discordian Strike Force from so long ago! I loved that game and I got to say I think the chariot race was my favorite part. Can't wait to game with you again!

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