Expanded Exofah?

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Expanded Exofah?

Post by PookaWitch » Sat May 06, 2017 7:57 am

In our home game we've been expanding the setting to outside XCrawl since we love it so much.
I have a half-orc messenger of Exofah who was given the task to bring the religion of Exofah to orcs who wish to leave the worship of the orcish pantheon. (Much like how Eilistraee works in the Forgotten Realms setting, an option for non-evil orcs/half-orcs who wish to find a different path.)

So, I've been expanding a little bit on Exofah and would love to know more, simple things that weren't mentioned such as 'What is his holy symbol?". It mentioned his sacred animal but not his holy symbol! For the moment we've been going with a pair of knuckle-bone dice since the religion mentioned the sacred day is rolled by dice every year.

I have expanded his portfolio which was only mentioned as "glorious victory stolen from inevitable defeat" and "battlefield strategy" and "cunning". There is already an orc god of strategy, so we changed that slightly.

I have his portfolio as: victory against overwhelming odds, trickery, cunning, last stands and self sacrifice.

It gives him the hint of his old portfolio of suicidal missions and the first part is more then just battle but any overwhelming odds.
I had thought about adding 'underdogs' to his portfolio. Or possibly changing the 'battlefield strategy' (since a god already has that) to 'Ambushes'

Anyhow, the 'victory against overwhelming odds' I thought was a good expansion.
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I would LOVE to know if anybody else has expanded on Exofah, or even has any ideas. I've been trying my best to fill in the history of the religion and doctrine. Such as how Exofah became irate with Gruumish constantly killing off his followers, unlike other orc deities he was neutral and wouldn't admit it but cared for the welfare of his followers. It made him face Gruumish and become cast out from the pantheon, but he was happy to leave. ("You can't fire me, I QUIT!" sort of situation.)

This is what I have so far...

Titles "the Great Workaround"
Adjective Exofahan
Home Ysgaard (name of his realm?)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Areas of Concern victory against overwhelming odds, trickery, cunning, last stands and self sacrifice.
Cleric Alignments CN, N, CG, CE
Domains chaos, strategy, trickery, war
Subdomains ambush, deception, tactics
Favored Weapon bastard sword
Symbol ? Pair of knuckle-bone dice?
Sacred Animal albino tunnel rat
Sacred Colors Green, brown, grey and black? (for stealth?)
Sacred Days chosen randomly

Please let me know what you think and help me fill this in more.

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