2006 ENnie Award Nominations

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2006 ENnie Award Nominations

Post by Mike_Ferguson »

Up for the Best Adventure Award:

DCC #12.5: Iron Crypt of the Heretics, Goodman Games
DCC #20: Shadows in Freeport, Goodman Games


Congratulations to authors Harley Stroh and Rob Schwalb - and to Joseph Goodman, for continuing to publish some excellent adventures!

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Post by ynnen »

Woot. Congratulations, Joseph and all...

Be prepared to see a lot of DCC #35: Gazetteer of the Known Realms on this and similar awards lists next year -- I'm sure it will be a runaway success. And who knows, maybe DCC #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings will sneak in there somwhere, too! (hey, a guy can dream, right?)
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Post by Harley Stroh »

ynnen wrote:And who knows, maybe DCC #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings will sneak in there somwhere, too!
The nominations are an honor but one of these years we need to bring home an actual ENnie for Goodman Games. I don't care who, just do it! :)
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Post by Jengenritz »

I don't care who, just do it!
And that, my fellow DCC authors, is a call to battle. It would be the very definition of sweetness if we brought one home [insert Randy "Macho Man" Savage] "OH YEAH!" [/Savage].
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