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DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up
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Author:  losloris [ Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:50 am ]
Post subject:  DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up

I like putting things that look like a good fit together. My son's campaign started with the begining on Interludes but that thread waned. He and his buddy are long time hardcore addicts to one of those Magic card game variants and so take to adventuring well. They are still learning the dynamics of adventuring which prompted me to put them through a serious dungeon crawl.

Forge of Fury is really well put together and does offer a thread of lost dwarven treasure. It also offers a dragon which i did not like so much. In FoF, down one floor, there is a huge cavern that lets on to the duergar. This space matches well with the 3rd floor of DCC 44.

So far so good. We stopped play at the giant yellow mind eating plant, an encounter that was both fun and scary.


Author:  losloris [ Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up

(much easier to do this at a computer than with the phone)

The aim is to use the top two floors of FoF along with floors 3 & 4 of DCC 44, the back end of which abuts to a proper construct. That would allow me to reintroduce the part of FoF that deals with the former Dwarven occupants (and their specific treasure).

Gotta say I do really appreciate the player handouts, particularly on things like the statue with the bow that needs the arrow to find the combination lock. Players dig that too


Author:  losloris [ Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up

An interesting turn of events with two I play this adventure with. Both are experienced first person shooter gamers who are intrigued by this type of gaming. We have traveled a bit together, starting with the Dragon Fiend Pact and such. And now we are halkfway down Forge of Fury & the Duerger Caverns.

We are a group of three; a ftr/thf (which I guess the modern version is a rogue), a Rng and an MU. At the entry of Forge of Fury are two PCs held captive by the orcs, which I was looking to add to the party to provide the players with a few more options. The party worked it way around and through the orcs, the ogre and his pet warg, and got to the captives, which they released. I tried playing the captives as all friendly like. The party was extremely wary, but did provide a few arms and gear.

Through a few more rooms to meet up with the shaman and her pet owlbears; the rng was struck with fear, the ftr/thf was knocked unconscious. IN step the two new guys who stood in, up, well against the baddies and saved the party's bottom line. That not withstanding, the two players were quick to establish a secret code for when to off the new guys.

Into the room near the huge cavern where the many dwarven tombs lay and out comes the secret code for offing the newbies. The mu resisted, but still the party treated the new guys like total dicks. At the cusp of the Duergar area is the pit entry way. The ftr/thf fell into the pit, the rng saw the veggie pigmies and stepped around to defend the hole if needed. When the mu approached to see about helping the ftr/thf, I had the new guys push the mu in and run away!

who will have to advise the rng a little more on proper decorum lest he lose his skills

Author:  losloris [ Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up

Busy writing up notes from last session. We stopped at the mushroom and decided to head back to town and hire two guys. I'm saving you a wasted session but for one thing.

For the next session I am gonna give a talk about the reason it is called a roll playing game. You simply could not survive if your only strategy is to kill all interesting people that you meet. Not sure if they think so is not directly related to their being new to the game and/or because they come from a first person shooter gaming background.

That can work and have its fun but should not be the only style used at the table. It becomes flat to design for.

Losloris Rd

Author:  losloris [ Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up

We did address the kill everybody strategy and I am certain good things will follow.

As it is, the duergar module plays out very well. I changed some of the hallways in section 4, particularly as the huge battle ground, field of skeletons rooms did not quite make sense. Thankfully, Roarn, Bryn and now Jupitar were not really interested in combing through the bones.

Arriving at what proved to be the integral room, Jupitar (new to having spells) cast a detect magic, uncovered the symbols and made a point of repeating the symbols aimed at by the draconic statue. From there it was on to the treasure, the handy note regarding the Blood Conciliator sword (which is the best type of motivation for a first person shooter type of player) and a reference to a vampire (this I changed to Gulthias as I really like how Gulthias plays out).

Really like the ease (for me) of the module and the challenges it posed to new players, who have now, wisely, retreated to Wolf's Bane, the near by city, to reconfigure their strategy.


Author:  losloris [ Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DCC #44 Duergar Mash Up

In hind sight, I did not like this module as I thot the final conflict was not well worked out and there was no real sense of resolution.

I was suggest that you use this setting as some type of thru way and not an adventure that stands well on its own.


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