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DCC#2 captured kobold motivation? (spoilers)

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:00 am
by stripes
The party I'm running through DCC#2 has captured a kobold. Two actually.

On the 1st level they captured one who after a bit of torture came up with the plan of leading the party to the chest with the dolls and trying to flee during the combat. (it actually worked out even better then that since one of the party members took objection to how the kobold was being treated and escorted it away (see ... e_out.html for details).

Deep into the second level they have captured one of the kobolds in the torture chamber. They tied it to the rack, and didn't actually torture it (they let it stew and then gave it a chance to talk). I decided he knows very little the players don't, mostly the names of kobolds they already killed and that the kobolds fear the derro.

The players have told the kobold that they will help the kobolds rid themselves of the derro so long as the kobolds help (mainly by not attacking the party).

What I'm having trouble coming up with is a goal for the kobold. He only sort of believes the players would help against the derro. He isn't happy that they killed his 11 friends in the torture chamber, and during questioning they apologized for killing many other less cooperative kobolds.

So if his fear/hatred of the derro wins out:

* take the party back to the derro in 2-11 (which the players have killed, but the kobold doesn't know)

* take the party back upriver to the derro caverns (which *I* don't like because I don't have maps or anything for it!)

* take the party to room 2-15 and try to convince the kobold elite guard that the players are derro slayers! (which will result in the elite guard treating him as a traitor, and getting him out of my hair earlier before the players ask him any really good questions that I can't justify him not knowing the answer to!) -- this one seems like a cop out though.

If his hatred of the players wins out:
* take them to room 2-15 and try to make a lot of noise just as the door opens to assure no surprise round for the elite guard (not a favored choice because the party will more likely kill him)

* take them to the derro room 2-11 hoping it will kill them, and then to the undead complex (2-3 thru 2-11) hoping they will kill the players. (the undead are still all there, the players never looked)

It may not really matter what the kobold wants since the party may not be foolish enough to let him "steer", but I ought to be prepared. In fact I think they might let the kobold do some of the "driving" since they did last time and I'm not sure they learned!

Does anyone have any other ideas? Or any good reasons one or the other of my choices are far better/worse then the others? I have ~3 days to make up my mind, and haven't managed to in the last 4.


Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:28 am
by JediOre
I played the kobolds as mindlessly devoted to the Outer Gods. The kobold should have that as an overridding power. It is mutating and knows a "great" future lies ahead for him and his clan.

I would have the kobold trying to get these PCs captured so they could be added to the "forest" and become followers of the Outer Gods too.

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:20 pm
by stripes
Ah, good idea. So if he gets shackled try leading party to the elite guard. If he isn't tied bring them to the brambles where he can escape and join the hit n' run group there.

That could work.

And it wouldn't leave me inventing a derro cave complex.

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 3:11 pm
by JediOre
Have you read my attempt at running DCC #2?

We had a blast, and it may give you some insight as to what may happen.

Here's the link if you are interested: ... php?t=2568

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:39 am
by stripes
The party was foolish enough to let the kobold lead them into the gardens...and even to let him into the garden first (unarmed).

Now the garden kobolds are extra alert, and I figure they had an extra cross bow for him... Now the only thing left to decide is exactly how far down the path the party will get before the kobolds try to ambush... (my current thinking is right near the dead end)