Boulder: Elven Colossal III mech (full stats)

Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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Boulder: Elven Colossal III mech (full stats)

Post by Raptor » Sun Apr 20, 2008 7:58 pm

This design is inspired by the Picture on Pg. 122 of the Dragonmech book. It also gives the Elves a mech with long range fire power. The wand armed mechs (Rodwalker, Warlock) have lots of fire power but are easily outranged by steam cannons, and have no indirect fire ability. The Boulder prefers to fight in rough terrain, using its magic abilities to keep out of reach of its opponents. It usually carries a Hunter mech in its mech bay, although some prefer the heavier firepower of a Rodwalker. Here are the Stats.

Size: Colossal III
Power Source: Animated
Payload Units: 84
Height: 75 ft.
Space/Reach: 30 ft. by 30 ft./ 30 ft.
Crew: 7 (weapons 7)
Firing Ports: 35
Hit Dice: 96
Hit Points: 528
Critical Thresholds: Not subject to critical hits
Base Initiative: +2
Speed: 80 ft.
Maneuverability: Average
AC: 2
Hardness: 16 (steel, Colossal IV)
Base Melee Attack: +2
Base Ranged Attack: +2
Unarmed Damage: 2d12+12
Trample: Largest gargantuan; Safe large; Damage 6d6
Saves: Fort -2, Ref 0, Will -
Abilities: Str 30, Dex 14, Con -, Int -, Wis -, Cha -
Mechcraft DC: 46
Base Planning Time: 92 days
Base Cost: 11,450 gp/ 11,388 gp
Total Cost: 313,545 gp/ 313,353 gp
Labor Time: 15,360 man-hours
Construction Time: 96 days (50 avg. laborer + 5 overseers)/72 days (+5 constructs) plus Rituals (6 days) plus magic item creation time
Special: Extra Weapon Mounts (+24 PU), Fast Legs, Mech Hangar (10 PU)

Payload Usage

Code: Select all

PU   Use
6    Crew
2    Spellbinders (magic item from the Mech Manual)
10   Mech Hangar
65   Onboard Weaponry
84   Total
Onboard Weaponry - Boulder

Code: Select all

Location     Arc of Fire   Weapon(dam, range, Other)                                PU Crew
Body              -       Arcane Eye Spellbinder (15 min.)                          1  1
Body              -       Telepathic Bond Spellbinder (6 creatures, 150 mins.)      1  1
Body         180 forward  Wand if Burning Hands (5d4 fire, DC 11, 15 ft. cone, CL5) 1  1
Body         180 forward  +5 Colossal III Distance Catapult (8d6+5, 800)            64 6
The Boulder uses its Arcane Eye spellbinder to direct its indirect fire, or uses its Telepathic Bond spellbinder to link with the pilot of its carried mech, who acts as a scout & forward observer.
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Re: Boulder: Elven Colossal III mech (full stats)

Post by modus666 » Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:52 am

is not the wand of burning hands a bit of a waste on such a large mech? if designed as anti infanty it would make more sense for it to be mounted on the legs, perhaps with a 360 degree pivot mount?

another interesting option for such a tall mech would be for it to have a wand of stinking cloud mounted on it, as thats an excellent crowd control spell and if theres no crew low on its frame the effect would not hamper the crew of the mech at all.

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Re: Boulder: Elven Colossal III mech (full stats)

Post by Raptor » Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:36 pm

You're probably right about the wand location placement, but it was kind of a second thought. I'm planning on doing some more mech designs based on the pictures in the book, I think I'll do the undead mech on Pg. 180.

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Re: Boulder: Elven Colossal III mech (full stats)

Post by Oaksoul Elite » Mon May 05, 2008 7:29 am

Neat idea, using the arcane eye or forward scouts to aim indirect fire. I actually think the catapult-wielding mech from p. 122 looks like an undead mech, myself. Although the idea does worry me, as I just looked back there and noticed that there's actually a swarm of these mechs implied. Or at least a second one. I'd be very worried if undead mechs start showing up in large numbers. Or any numbers greater than 1.

Good luck on statting up more mechs. I'm actually almost done with a rough draft of the undead mech from p. 79. The metallic-looking undead one. I'm statting it up as a giant meat rack, basically. Although I may end up changing a fair bit, since the meat rack idea implies some steam power not indicated in the pic. Anyway, it's the Angel of Death, a forward scout for Sharlorn that serves to soften up lunar creatures for waves of undead - when they're beneath Sharlorn's notice.
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Re: Boulder: Elven Colossal III mech (full stats)

Post by Seben-PistonRager » Mon May 05, 2008 9:41 pm

I agree. The use of magic to replace the need of a scout is a good idea. I personlly like making unique variants on a theme, similar to this, a magwagon where instead of extra storage space, it has 6 catapults line up 2x3 along it's back with a team of trained workers(and enough automators to do the heavy work.) they can reset and aim the system to fire in waves of 2 or 3 at a time to stagger fire so it is maintainable in combat(or whatever it's attempting to bombard.)
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