Prospector: Elven Gargantuan Animated mech (full stats)

Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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Prospector: Elven Gargantuan Animated mech (full stats)

Post by Raptor » Sun Feb 24, 2008 2:00 pm

This is a Mech I designed to flesh out my little Cyarliel project. They have realized that the amount of materials needed to make the number of large mechs they plan on would denude the forests if entirely wood, and have developed the prospector to find and mine valuable mineral deposits. Although not its primary purpose, it is also a fairly formidable melee opponent with it's Mattock of the Titans. And here are the stats, the split prices and times are for without and with construct assistance, which the cyarliel commonly use to increase their production (although it doesn't reduce cost significantly).

Size: Gargantuan
Power Source: Animated
Payload Units: 20 (heavy payload; 10 units reserved for cargo)
Height: 23 ft.
Space/Reach: 10 ft. by 10 ft./ 10 ft.
Crew: 1 (weapons 1)
Firing Ports: 10
Hit Dice: 16
Hit Points: 88
Critical Thresholds: Not subject to critical hits
Base Initiative: +3
Speed: 50 ft.
Maneuverability: Good
AC: 6
Hardness: 8 (stone)
Base Melee Attack: +0 (+3 with Mattock)
Base Ranged Attack: +3
Unarmed Damage: 1d10+4
Trample: Largest medium; Safe small; Damage 3d6
Saves: Fort 0, Ref +2, Will -
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 18, Con -, Int -, Wis -, Cha -
Mechcraft DC: 34
Base Planning Time: 68 days
Base Cost: 1,312 gp/ 1,304 gp
Total Cost: 55,816 gp/ 55,804 gp
Labor Time: 1,920 man-hours
Construction Time: 24 days (10 avg. laborers + 1 overseer)/18 days (+1 construct), plus Rituals (7 days) plus magic item creation time
Special: Heavy Payload

Payload Usage

Code: Select all

PU       Use
1        Crew
1        Rod of Metal & Mineral Detection
8        Mattock of the Titans
10       Cargo space
Onboard Weaponry - Prospector

Code: Select all

Location     Arc of Fire   Weapon(dam, range, Other)                    PU Crew
Right Arm     Melee       Mattock of the Titans (4d6+7/x3, Adamantine)  8  1
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Post by Arek » Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:36 am

Pretty cool!

I've always felt the elves do have a quite nearly ready-made line of adventures in Dragonmech. One game I was in used two parties living in an animated mech. One party was for dealing with mechs, and the other crew was around for some dungeoneering. The old elf in charge of the very, very large animated mech was supposed to find ruins in elf country, have them searched, and salvage any major treasure he could find.

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