A Broncosaurus Story

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A Broncosaurus Story

Post by Colt.45 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:03 am

I didn't know where else to put this so emjoy DPBR fans!

The Black Feather

Flying Claw stared at his image in the water. The red feather in his head had three black dots running along the edge. This was the moment he had waited for his entire life. Flying Claw took several gulps of water before turning around rapidly and running down the field to join the rest of his tribe.
His uncle was chief, but he wasn’t giving him any special treatment, he also wasn’t leading the hunt today. As the aspiring new tactician Flying Claw had to lead the hunt on the prey of his choosing. He would’ve chosen a triceratops, but he felt that was a little tired. So he decided to attack a human settlement, the same one the Confederate rider raided the other day.
He had observed the way he and his Allosaur companion ran through the streets and noted where he had the most trouble. That same night Flying Claw sneaked into the town and searched for any sewer grates he could pull open in case his tribe needed a bolt hole.
Flying Claw veered sharply away from the settlement and continued to run at top speed. Flying Claw soon stopped his marathon when he was deep into some tall grass and found what he was looking for. Ahead of him was a pair of adult T-rex, and their youngling.
The young raptor tactician slithered through the grass until he was within jumping range of the youngling. When the little T-rex wandered too close to him Flying Claw lived up to his name. Springing from his position the tactician place his foot on the young one’s snout and from there he flew to closest t-rex and landed wholly on its nose clawing and biting.
Before he could be shaken off he jumped to the other dinosaur and land on its side and continued his assault. Once again he jumped down before the animals could react to his attack and then ran back through the grass making as much noise as he could, taunting them into chasing him.
This was a last minute adjustment when the night before he scouted the town and found three metal giants patrolling the perimeter of settlement. The two adult t-rex would have their hands full, but then again that was why he had an entire tribe of fourteen fully capable raptor warriors carrying out his orders.
It was a marvelous thing to see the three metal giants react so slowly to his distraction. The rexes were a full 100 ft behind him as he carried a similar assault on the Union. He nearly lost his life when the last one batted him to the ground and took aim, luckily that was when the rexes made their incredibly noisy entrance.
The dinosaurs met the first two giants they came to and left the third alone. While the big lizards and metal men tangled Flying Claw gave the signal for his tribe to attack. As if the Union civilians weren’t already scared and surprised enough they had to face raptors crawling out from beneath their streets.
Thee dinosaurs avoided the people and instead gained up on the tallest metal giant, knocking it to the floor as it shot off the rounds meant for the t-rex into the sky. Immediately afterward the tribe abandoned the wildly thrashing machine and dissolved into, around, and over the buildings as they ambushed the Union soldiers one by one.
As Flying Claw caught up to his uncle, Blood Throat, a large explosion rattled the settlement as an unknown force destroyed the Ironclad. Flying Claw screeched in excitement as the Ornitholestes appeared over the rooftop of the mayor’s house. Separa was his name, and he was working with the rider Flying Claw met the week before. He was holding a detonator in his hand and as soon as he made eye contact with the tactician he pushed the button.
Behind Flying Claw and Blood Throat the buildings exploded almost simultaneously. The Firehouses, police departments, storage buildings, and several military vehicles all ceased to be and were replaced by burning shells of their former past. Separa pointed to the west and Flying Claw caught a glimpse of the rider and his mount, Stone face, as they lead several other Confederate riders and soldiers into the fray.
When one of the rexes uttered a cry of pain he directed the soldiers to fire at the respective Ironclad with their Piledrivers. As the shells made contact the machine fell to its side as the tyrannosaur ripped off it’s clawed arm. The rider swept through the streets shooting down every soldier he laid his eyes on while Stone face destroyed the vehicles and terrified the citizens to leave town.
An orderly chaos continued its course as Flying Claw, Blood Throat, and Separa sat on the same rooftop calmly looking on. Blood Throat was pleased with how his nephew had carried out his plan.
“Flying Claw, you are indeed an incredible general.” Blood Throat said as he kept his eye on the two rexes utterly defeating the final metal giant.
“It is quite a site. Of course it wouldn’t have been as loud if it weren’t for the rider Samuel Colt and his explosives.” Flying Claw replied as he turned to Separa. “You have done this before.”
Separa couldn’t speak his language but he picked up the subtleties and nodded once in a cold manner. The words he spoke next were in dinosaur common, “I owe him, and the Union, much.”
Blood Throat laughed a deep throaty laugh. “Flying Claw stand before me.”
Flying Claw stood as he was told. As if on cue the ghostly Shaman, Moon Eyes appeared behind him as quietly as a snake. The blind raptor spat on him a red liquid that turned black as it ran down his skin.
“Flying Claw, your expertise in leading this raid has proven more of your worth for this tribe than a lifetime of Sacred Moons. The blue pelt humans have abandoned their territory because of you, the metal giants no longer stalk the lands.”
A deafening roar came up from the town as the Rexes, Confederate Soldiers, and his tribe shouted in triumph. The Ornitholestes small roar could not be heard, even though it was standing next to him. Yet he could hear the next words that came to his ears.
“Flying Claw of the Red Water Raptor tribe, I pronounce you to be our black feather tactician.” Moon eyes ripped off his old red feather and replaced it with the black feather. Flying Claw’s chest swelled with pride and he let the whole world know it.

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