Protodimension Magazine Issue 1 is Live

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Protodimension Magazine Issue 1 is Live

Post by tadk » Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:52 pm

We are very pleased to announce that Issue 1 of Protodimension Magazine is now available for download. Protodimension is a free PDF publication focusing on modern and near-future horror and conspiracy genre roleplaying.

You can get a copy from here:

We are seeking submissions for future issues, as usual. If you are interested in contributing something then email us at and you will receive a copy of our submission guide. If you already have something that fits our remit, why not send a copy to

If you see something you like and want to discuss it with other fans and the editors, we have also established a forum for just such a thing. Just point your browser to:


Norm Fenlason
Tad Kelson
Lee Williams
- editors -
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