[Open Design] Halls of the Mountain King 4E Conversion!

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[Open Design] Halls of the Mountain King 4E Conversion!

Post by Ben_McFarland » Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:31 am

The 4E conversion of Halls of the Mountain King is now underway.

Now's the time to join Open Design and contribute your opinion! Members will get the adventure and the Iron Gazetteer, a 64-page book of 4E material for Dwarves and their allies will feature magic items, paragon paths, rituals, equipment, new monsters, and clans and customs of the bearded folk.

You can sign up at koboldquarterly.com. Discussion regarding what to include in the Gazetteer has begun, come join and add your mark to this fantastic adventure!

Personally, I've found Open Design to be a great way to help build your design skills, as you watch the material grow and participate in the discussion. This is especially true for a 4E project, were design hasn't had as much time to mature as it might for an OGL piece.

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