[TOOL] TOS 2nd CORE edition for Pathfinder 2e + DYNAMIC PLAY

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[TOOL] TOS 2nd CORE edition for Pathfinder 2e + DYNAMIC PLAY

Post by RiTz21 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 2:07 pm

TOS 2nd CORE edition is a very powerful Character Manager for the Pathfinder 2nd edition RPG. It will assist you in creating Characters so you don't have to worry about the intricacies of the rules.

  • On PC: Microsoft Excel 2007 (SP3), Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and Excel 365
  • On Mac: NOT compatible on MAC versions of Excel (at this time)
  • Other Spreadsheets: TOS 2nd CORE edition does not function on Excel clones
  • Grab the DEMO version from the Download section on the Home Page
While it is not possible to list all the features of TOS 2nd CORE edition, here is a short list of the main capabilities.

  • Ability to play Dynamically with the DashBoard sheet (i.e. apply effects on the fly during a gaming session)
  • Full implementation of the Stacking Rules (as found in Chapter 9 of the CORE Rulebook)
  • Load, Save and Reset Characters to manage multiple Characters or send them to the Game master
  • Ability to create Spell Lists for any Traditions of Spell Casting Class
  • Control sheet makes navigating easy and can reduce clutter
  • Ability to load Add-ons to expand capabilities
  • Uses Quick Picks to facilitate the selection of long-listed Items (like Feats, Spells, Weapons...)
  • Shows check marks to tick off the use of limited use (i.e. per day) abilities. Check marks can be turned off
  • Ability to load and save the Animal companion to file
  • Handles Armor, Weapon, Saves and Skill proficiency and ranks automatically
  • Automatically handles all the Bulk of your items, armor and weapons and automatically applies the effects of being encumbered
  • Shows any conditional bonuses to Skills and lists the details on the Back sheet
  • Shows any conditional bonuses to Armor Class as extra bonus in the Armor Class box, and lists the details on the Back sheet
  • Alchemical Items that can be thrown/used in combat can be selected as weapons on the Front sheet
  • Handles Archetypes
  • Spell Planner Sheet gives a résumé of selected Spells and Focus Spells
  • SpellBook sheet can hold 6 different spellbooks, each with space for 100 spells
  • The FormulaBook gives a résumé of selected Formulas and Snares
  • The Animal Companion sheet tracks the details of your Animal Companion
  • Tallies all your coins and Gems, applies the Bulk of carried Coins
  • Track your Experience on the XP sheet
  • All customizable items can have powerful effects (i.e. the same capability found in other The Only Sheet products!)
  • Easily create magical weapons and armors by adding Runes to them
  • Create custom Animals, Alchemical Items, Ammunition, Ancestry, Armors, Backgrounds, Barding, Class, Formulas, Runes, Shields, Snares, Spells, Weapons
  • Create Custom Abilities: Arcane Thesis, Bloodline, Cause, Deity, Divine Ally, Doctrine, Domain, Hunter's Edge, Instinct, Muses, Orders, Research Field, Racket, Tenet
  • Applies Errata v1.0 published by Paizo to fix issues in PF2
Q1: What does a Yellow Box means?
A1: Most of the time, you enter your information in the white boxes. If a piece of information is required (i.e. you need to make a choice!), it will be highlighted in yellow

Q2: What are conditional values?
A2: When a bonus is granted for a specified circumstance but not always, the value is shown as a + to indicate this. For example, a Sensate Gnome with a +5 bonus to perception would see it as "+5/+2", where the +2 is the bonus from that heritage!

Q3: Where are the action, reaction and free action symbols?
A3: These symbols are not part of the font used, so (very) similar symbols (diamond) are used. These are shown on the Front sheet.

Q4: Where are the names for the Gods/Deities?
A4: The name of the Gods are Copyrighted by Paizo and I am not allowed (at this time) to use them. If Paizo decides to grant me permission to use them, then I shall do so!

Q5: Can I set the Rank for a skill or a weapon myself?
A5: Sure; In the skill table on the Front sheet, the last column allows you to force the Rank of any of your skill to a specified Rank. The same can be done to weapons, under the displayed Rank.

Q6: Why isn't the series of 'Breadth' archetype feats adding to my spell slots and repertoire?
A6: In the current release, you need to add these manually in the off-print section of the Spell Planner.

Q7: Is there a worksheet for the Familiar?
A7: No; When defined, the Familiar's information will appear on the BACK worksheet

Q8: In the section on the Front sheet, Perception is written with two numbers (ex: Perception +5/+2). Why is that?
A8: The second number is the conditional bonus you might need to apply. Check the Back sheet to see details about your Conditional bonuses. Note that skills also use this nomenclature.

Q9: Which effects can I create? Where can I get help on recreating effects?
A9: The Dictionary worksheet has a (big) list of all the effects currently handled. The Effects system (made possible with the ParseEffect() function) is similar across all products, so you can check the Wiki entry for that

Q10: Can I change the image on the Front sheet?
A10: Not at this time. But you can always print to PDF, then edit the PDF file to overlay your own image

Q11: I found a bug/Typo/Error... Should I do anything about it?
A11: Absolutely! Please report any issues you find in the Gremlin section of the Community Forum so it can be eliminated!

Q12: Can I create a Custom Class or Ancestry?
A12: YES! You can create a custom Class or custom Ancestry. Loading and Saving custom class/ancestry is also possible to allow you to share your creation with others!

Q13: How can I create add-ons to share with others?
A13: Data Files are created in the same manned across all main products. Check this Wiki entry for details

Q14: Can I modify the workbook for my own needs?
A14: No. These products remain the property of its author and you are not permitted to modify them

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Re: [TOOL] TOS 2nd CORE edition is now available for Pathfin

Post by RiTz21 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:59 pm

TOS 2nd CORE edition v1.1.951 Released!

This new update allows for the creation of a custom Class and a custom Ancestry!

Check the Release Notes for details!

Happy Gaming!

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Re: [TOOL] TOS 2nd CORE edition is now available for Pathfin

Post by RiTz21 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 10:31 am

TOS 2nd CORE edition v1.1.961 has been released!

This latest build fixes reported issues with Familiar, upgrades the Familiar's ability description and improves the Animal Companion worksheet. A few other bugs have also been squashed!!

Check the Release Notes for the full details!

Happy Gaming!
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Re: [TOOL] TOS 2nd CORE edition is now available for Pathfin

Post by RiTz21 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 2:43 pm

NOW available: TOS 2nd CORE edition v1.2.087 with DYNAMIC PLAY!

I have released a major update to TOS 2nd CORE edition which features a new DashBoard worksheet that allows you to play DYNAMICALLY during a gaming session! This means you can apply Spells, Conditions and even the other Character's abilities (things like Inspire Courage from your friendly Bard) directly onto your OWN character!

The effects of the spell/condition/ability will automatically be applied to your Character, and you'll be ready to continue playing in the blink of an eye! Since TOS 2nd CORE edition has a FULL implementation of the stacking rules, you won't need to worry about the various bonuses or penalties applied to your Character. The Sheet handles all of them!

Multiple trackers on the DashBoard sheet can be used to track things such as wands, or even an ability with limited daily use. Your weapon load out is fully displayed so you always know your options. Use the Damage or the Heal buttons to track your Hit Points loss and gain. All the core information like your Skills, your Saves and your Armor Class are displayed in plain view.

For a good introduction on how to use the Dashboard sheet, check out the TOS FIVE Tutorial video, starting at 02:14 (here) - Both Dashboards in TOS FIVE and TOS 2nd CORE edition are practically identical!

Note that you can still use the Print outs for your Character should you prefer that mode of play! Effects that you activate on the DashBoard will also be applied in the Printouts!

TOS 2nd CORE edition is now the most powerful Character Management tool you can get for the Pathfinder 2nd edition!

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Re: [TOOL] TOS 2nd CORE edition for Pathfinder 2e + DYNAMIC

Post by RiTz21 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:01 am

DEMO version available!
With the release of TOS 2nd CORE edition v1.3.32, a DEMO version has also been released!
You can grab the DEMO version on The Sheet's home page here.

The main highlights of TOS 2nd CORE edition v1.3.32 are:
  • Allows the creation of Spell List for any Tradition or spell casting class
  • Applied the Core Rulebook Errata v1.0 PDF
  • Automatic Adventurer's Pack; Add the content of the Adventurer's Pack to your gear with the click of a button
  • Added all the Ritual to the Spell database
The DEMO version also contains all of these features as well!

Happy gaming!

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