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by kgeilman
Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:25 am
Forum: d20/D&D Conversation
Topic: How big is your group?
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Re: How big is your group?

I am curious to know how many people are in everybody's gaming group. And what size of a group do you prefer. I play with 4 guys total, 3 PC's and 1 DM. It's a small group, but we are all really good friends and enjoy a smaller group. I dont know if this counts, but we have national club with Judge...
by kgeilman
Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:01 pm
Forum: All things A-R-T related
Topic: Props to Jason Edwards
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Hi, just thought I would ring in here and say hi to ya'll

Kara Here, Hi Joseph, I finally made my way over to your corner of the world. Hope all is well in the windy city. Talk to you later. Thanks for the call this afternoon, dont know what caused it.

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