Gen Con Event Schedule


Once more, we sit upon the cusp of greatness….

Gen Con 2018 will be here before you know it! Want evidence? How about the fact that event registration goes live on May 6th?

Yeah, it’s that kind of close. And for 2018, Goodman Games has more events going on than ever before. From a numbers point of view, we’re looking at around 200 official Goodman Games events. TWO. HUNDRED. That’s a lot of gaming fun. We’ve got the current schedule ready for you to check out, but let’s hit a few highlights right here and now!


Gen Con 2018 Event Highlights

  • The 2018 DCC Team Tournament Open: Riders on the Phlogiston!
  • Name Level Events featuring Marc Bruner, Michael Curtis, Jon Hershberger, Brendan LaSalle, and Terry Olsen!
  • Our Artist and Writer Palooza signing at the booth!
  • Our annual What’s New With Goodman Games presentation!


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is more going on this year than ever before. And it’s only about three months away.

Event registration opens on May 6th!

Get your 2018 Goodman Games Event Schedule Here!



Author: pandabrett

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